Our 2020 Christmas is not going to look much different than it would any other year. We spent last Christmas in Prince George and planned all along to stay close to our home in Port Moody this year. The things that look different for us this year, are more that we are responsible for doing all of the shopping and wrapping of gifts for the kids because no one else wanted to go shopping.


Kidding. Sort of.

All joking aside, I think what we’re missing most right now are our friends, having the babysitter over and getting out together, just me and Brad, to do something away from the kids.

Our traditions remain the same. We have a Christmas tree, our elf Jingle has come to visit, there will be too much yummy baking and delicious food made over the holidays. And Brad has nearly the entire latter half of the month off of work.

But it still feels different.


There is a sadness in the air; emotions are high, even Archer mentioned today that he longs to spend time away from our house and school the two places where he spends most of his time. Where I spend more. We get outside, we do things with the kids as much as we can, but it’s not the same. We’re missing play time with other people, drinks at the breweries, dinner and breakfast out of the house, light displays in the neighbouring cities that make this time of year so special.

But, we still live on.

I’ve been trying to think of things for us to do that are special, and relate to this season that we’re in. I wanted to share my list with you today, in hopes that I can not only inspire you to make your 2020 Christmas a little more exciting, but also maybe gather a few ideas I haven’t thought of yet.

1. Christmas Baking

I almost always end up doing the majority of the work on this one by myself, but I kind of like it that way. The kids are keen to help measure and mix, but it gets old pretty fast for them. And I get to do the fun parts at the end, like decorating and taste-testing the final product. Two things on my list of things to make this year include my grandma’s molasses cookies and these soft caramels.

2. Looking at Christmas Lights

This is always a favourite tradition of mine, made better this year because it is entirely Covid-friendly.

3. Watch a Family Christmas Movie in Jammies

This one might just be something we’d be into, but I can’t wait to make a big bowl of popcorn and cuddle up to watch Elf in our comfies.

Elf on the Shelf in Basket of Blankets
Elf on the Shelf Hiding with Christmas Stuffies

Another Family Christmas Tradition, Our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle

4. Hot Chocolate Bar

This one was my own brain child when I added marshmallows to the kids’ hot chocolate after we put the Christmas lights up on the outside of our house a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking marshmallows, chocolate shavings, whipped cream and peppermint schnapps for me, Bailey’s for Brad. Yum!

5. Visit the Snow

We plan to head up to Mt. Seymour or Cypress to go sledding or snow-shoeing and let the kids have a taste (hopefully not literally) of a white winter wonderland.

6. Open a Present

I got us a family gift of some matching pajamas this year. I opted for matching over Christmas and thought it might make sense to let the kids open a present early, so maybe we can all wear our matching jammies when we watch that movie, above!

Black Lab Cross in Front of White Light Christmas Tree

Eddie loves the tree, too!

7. Dress Up in Fancy Clothes

We did this at Easter, when I made Easter Tea for us. I put on a dress—I think it was the only time this year I haven’t been wearing pants—and the kids and Brad got dressed up in button-down shirts and dress pants while we enjoyed afternoon tea, complete with scones from the Fraiche Food Full Hearts cook book! I feel like this one is most likely to not happen, but it’s a fun memory and makes for nice pictures at the same time.

Christmas Tea Mug in Front of Christmas Tree

So, is there anything on my list that sparked inspiration for your holiday plans? Anything blaringly obvious that I left off? Help me make our 2020 Christmas even better! And remember, things are bound to be sad, and different, but if we do this right, it will only be for one year. We can all do hard things.

If you need me, I’ll be here. Sipping tea and (hopefully) catching up on the Bachelorette.

Happy holidays!


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