Here We Go!

The Christmas that I was set to have a newborn at home I decided to buy Brad and I snowshoes as a gift.

I blame Costco. They were a good deal and I am a sucker for things at Costco.

Green Snowshoes on Woman's Feet

Thanks Costco!

Needless to say, we didn’t use them last winter, what with a newborn and naps and simply adjusting to life as a family of four. The winter was over in the blink of an eye, which is typical of life with a new baby.

When this winter rolled around, however, I was determined to go snowshoeing as a family of four. Maverick in his carrier and Archer on a nice new set of showshoes to call his own.

We had planned to go with some friends in January, but as the date approached, I rethought our commitment. We were having a hard time with Archer. Meltdowns, tantrums and a deep-seeded desire to do nothing unless it was his own idea.

I cancelled on our friends, suggesting that we postpone to another date in February, once we had had a chance to take Archer out on our own.

That way at least if he had a meltdown the second his snowshoes were put on his feet, there were no other people waiting for us to get our shit together.

We planned on going ourselves the following weekend, but, of course, Brad and I both fell sick, each with an awful cough. So that weekend was out. Then this past weekend arrived and we (somewhat miraculously) all got up early (for us) at 7:00 am, ate breakfast, loaded up the van and made it out to Cypress Mountain before 9:00 am. We got Maverick in his full-body marshmallow man snowsuit, Archer let Brad put on his very own red snowshoes like a champ, and by 9:20 we had set out into the snowy forest and were on our way to Hollyburn Lodge.
Family Snowshoeing with Baby in Carrier

At least we all look like we were having an acceptable time at one point!

Fast-forward 10 minutes and the one with the easiest ride would not stop whining. We stopped for a snack break and continued on our way.

For the next 20 minutes, we trekked onwards, winding through the trees slowly, moving to the side when other people came up behind us. Brad said he was happy to let Archer set the pace, what with the weight of the pack and Maverick on his back.

I was so impressed with Archer. He was having so much fun leading us up the mountain. He chatted about everything, asking about the trees and the snow and wondering aloud where we were going. It was awesome!

Maverick on the other hand? Was. Not. Impressed.

We stopped for a second snack break, even taking Maverick out of the carrier this time. But little Mr. Marshmallow man wouldn’t be calmed, so we turned around and started to make our way back to the van.

Brad took off ahead with Maverick crying on his back and Archer and I took our time coming down the mountain. It had started to snow a little more as we made our way back, the wind blowing the snow at an awkward angle straight into our faces.

Archer had a constant stream of questions and comments:

Why are we going this way?

Why wasn’t Maverick happy?

I love the snow!

Why is the snow falling on our faces and not on our heads?

This is so much fun!

I really wish we could have went to the top, mom.

My heart was so happy! I told him that next time we’ll make it to the “top” and play in the snow. We might have to come just him and I, or him and dad, but we would do it again and go all the way to Hollyburn Lodge.

Next time, bud.

The last 15 minutes of our hike were my favourite. Just me and my guy in the snow. The world was ours.

Remember that the world is yours, too,


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