Writing is rewriting.

And editing, restructuring and second-guessing every word, phrase and comma.

It’s personal preference, until you retain the services of an editor, or ask a friend to look over your work.

It’s rewriting, and more writing, still.

The editing processes I’ve been through with my books so far have been great—I’m still shocked that that’s plural, I’ve written books—and I’ve mentioned how excited I am to be taking Romi to this next step in the traditional publishing process, as daunting as the task of finding an agent/publisher may be. And while I’ve shared some of the work I’ve done on my latest project—a yet-to-be-titled adventure in motherhood and relationships—I want to share the rewritten summary of that project with you.

The initial summary can be found here.

Go ahead and have a read through it before you continue on to the new version, below.

I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve read it, have a look through the new summary and let me know what you think about the differences.

Crafter's Corner in Office with Picture, Fake Plant and Cricut Machine

This corner in my office says a lot about me.

The Rewritten Description

Clara Mae is a twenty-one-year-old semi-professional dancer by day, bartender by night. She is loving life living with her boyfriend, Reg, who is an up and coming chef at a new restaurant in Vancouver. Their carefree lifestyle is brought to a near halt when Clara and Reg unexpectedly become parents. Learning how to buckle a car seat and figuring out what to do with a bassinet are the motions on the surface of the deep-seated challenges they find themselves up against.

Clara’s haunting past teases their bond, her doubts commanding as she navigates motherhood by fire, being thrown into the deep end of the hardest job on the planet. She juggles obstacles she never could have seen coming with a partner that might not remain by her side once he discovers her secrets.

The pair share as many tears as the baby between them within the first week of parenthood and we see their raw journey together. They are forever tied together by their sweet baby, but will they stay together, or be broken apart by truths?

The changes are subtle, but important. I’ve been workshopping my new writing with my Crew of fellow writers, and I think that approaching the “back of the book” excerpt, which the above could be, without mentioning Clara’s unexpected pregnancy, is what I want to do with my story. My story overall is not about Clara’s cryptic pregnancy, but rather her journey into motherhood, however it comes to her, and the shadows of her past encroaching on her relationship, while they learn to be parents together.

I’m excited to bring this story together. My attention has been pulled away from Clara to finalize things with Romi, but both women are strong at the forefront of my writing mind. Along with a million other ideas in my list of books to write in the future.

Rewriting, editing and planning.

Wishing you well,



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