Happy Friday! Why is it that the shortest weeks seem the longest? I am happy that it’s the weekend, and I’m ready to share a few more Friday Facts with you!

Fact 1

I love makeup. I have not worn makeup in … pretty much forever. I’ve been thinking I wanted to take the time to get myself ready for a while, but I had no reason. Then the other day, I realized that I don’t need a reason, and I got up early this morning to get ready and did my makeup just for myself! Then I threw on a pair of jeans and some extra jewelry that I don’t normally wear. Going into today felt really good.

Brad, of course, looked at me like I had two heads, but my branching out encouraged him to put on jeans today, too. Just because we’re home all the time doesn’t mean we always have to wear our comfies. Of course, Maverick is convinced I’m wearing Brad’s pants. I clearly don’t wear jeans often enough!

I love being comfortable, but I’m going to try to get ready for the day more often, just for me.

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Fact 2

I have been simultaneously writing two books!

On the heels of one of my previous Friday Facts, I realized that I was working on TWO BOOKS at the very same time! I’m so close to finalizing the first Romi book—at least until I find an interested agent/publisher and start working with an editor—and I am so eager to start this next process, but I need to stop getting ahead of myself. I am so proud of where I'm at in my writing career and just can't wait til things take off for me!

Good things come to those who wait. And I am putting it out there that really good things are waiting for Romi.

Fact 3

I love Disney. I always have. The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast were my favourites growing up and my latest favourite is Moana. I can’t believe it’s already been out for five years! The kids watched a movie the other day and I was so happy that they chose Moana! I got to cuddle with Maverick while we watched the end together and dinner was simmering on the stove.

Are you a Disney fan?? Can’t wait til the world opens up again and we can visit Disneyland with the kids!


There you have it! Another few Friday Facts about me. Now here’s to hoping the weather cooperates and we can get outside this weekend. I need more than just walking Archer back and forth to school or I’m going to go crazy being at home!

Have a great weekend,


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