The littlest Wyers is turning three tomorrow; it’s his last day as a two-year-old.

I feel like it’s only been over the last few weeks or so that Maverick has really grown up. He’s grown out of the next pant size up from what he was in mere months ago what seems like overnight. He is talking and screaming and demanding all of the things he wants at any given time. We struggle to balance all that he has to offer; he yells a lot, gets into everything, he even stuck his hand in the wet paint in the kitchen yesterday.

The only thing surprising about that last point is that it hasn’t happened before and we’re pretty much halfway through painting our entire three-story townhouse.

Tales of Maverick can be found here and here, for other things he gets into. Or here for a more sweet, reflective tale I wrote awhile back.

Newborn in First Christmas Santa Hat (2017)

Maverick's First Christmas (2017) Jodi Kaldestad Photography

Our celebrations for Maverick’s birthday will look a lot similar to what they would have been, sans-Covid. Brad is on holidays starting tomorrow and the birthday boy has been promised chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. Then we plan to take him to get his birthday balloons—minus a couple that I will have blown up here for him to wake up to. It’s kind of a tradition I’ve had for the kids so far, to wake up to balloons on their birthday. At some point we will have to take him to Tim Hortons—or “Tim Portons” as he calls it—as it is his favourite place to get a bagel and he asks to go there pretty much every time we leave the house.

For the rest of tomorrow, I’ll be baking a cake in there somewhere. He has requested blueberry … any ideas on how the eff to make a blueberry cake? I’m thinking white cake with a blueberry compote of sorts in the middle layer. There will be Super Mario-themed balloons, wrapping paper, temporary tattoos and birthday hats! And I’m excited for him to open his presents. It’s like a pre-Christmas practice of gift-wrapping (for me) and opening (for him). Even Archer has been saying he’s excited for Maverick to open his gifts, mostly because he helped pick them out, I think.

Looking back on the past three years as a mother of two, I really can’t succinctly put my feelings into words. Having two kids, these two kids, has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. I love them more than anything, yes, but the things that they’ve taught me about myself, about what a good person I can be when I try to see myself through their eyes, it’s priceless. I never believed that I was this person and I hope to always be someone to look up to in their eyes.

Even when I’m saying no and telling them to go play somewhere else. Especially when.

So, Maverick Everest Wyers, this is my birthday note for you:

I hope you’re always as bright of a light as you are when you’re getting into something you know you’re not supposed to be doing.

May that troublesome twinkle in your eye and the determination behind getting what you want never fade.

Those extra steps you’re running now will help you in the long run; I know that we will get through it all together.

Know that we are always here for you, rain or shine. Archer, too.

Happy, happy, happy birthday my darling. You’re three!

You deserve all the happiness in the world, especially in the form of a plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese.

All my love,


Scrunchy-Faced Toddler in Christmas Picture (2018)

Christmas (2018) Carol-Ann Photography

Toddler Laughing with Brother in Matching Plaid Shirts

Family Pictures (2019) Carol-Ann Photography

Family Picture on Grassy Trail

Family Pictures (2020) Carol-Ann Photography

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  • Happy Birthday my little maniac! I love you to the moon and back! I can’t wait till I can hug all of you, hopefully soon. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love Baka 💕💕💕

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