Mt. Seymour Snowshoe Centre

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up to go snowshoeing with Moms Gone Wild.

It was a chocolate fondue snowshoe tour for the followers of Moms Gone Wild. I was sold at chocolate, obviously. Though I love snowshoeing, too, and was due for an adventure with my dear friend Ari. In the lead up to our night climbing Mt. Seymour, the weather cooperated, coating all of the paths and trees with glorious fluffy white snow.

Ariana and I drove together, and when we got out of the car, we were met with a crazy wind. We layered up, a bit concerned that we would be cold, but once we got down into the trees, I’m happy to report that I was more than warm enough. Which is a feat for me!

Night Snowshoeing at Mt Seymour

The Ski Hill

They split us into groups of 12 ladies per guide and we took off into the woods, past the ski hills and other adventurists, down the hill into the forest. I was surprised to see how many people were out skiing and snowboarding late at night. Who knew it was a thing! Certainly not me.

As we ventured away from the bright ski hill lights, the sound was dampened and the trees encompassed us from all sides, coated in the snow that blocked out the world. We walked at times in single file, chatting together in the small groups of girls that we came together with. Our guide stopped a couple of times, to play games and teach us about the forest. We learned about the trees that grew on Mt. Seymour, which is a protected land, and Ari and I won a silly game to do with the types of trees! Being together with like-minded women, in nature, breathing in the energy from the trees and each other, was the most priceless gift that I never anticipated. Being out on the mountain at night was so magical, the natural light was just so comforting in a sense. It amazed me that we could see!

Snowshoeing with Moms Gone Wild - Mt Seymour

Setting Out

Friends while Snowshoeing on Mt Seymour

Friends <3

Chocolate Fondue Showshoeing Tour

Chocolate Fondue on a Snow Table!

An adventure such as this would not be complete without a little mishap or two. Anyone that knows me will be surprised to hear that I was NOT the one to fall from one of the bridges over the streams, nor did I fall, even when we were playing a game that involved running forward and backwards with our snowshoes on.

It was just me that ripped the crotch of my snow pants before we even started. But that’s a story for another day.

Before heading back up the hill, we stopped for the fondue, which we enjoyed at a snow table and benches that had been crafted by our guides earlier in the day. It was truly such a great time; I hope to get back out on the mountain soon not only to build my physical stamina, but to enjoy winter. It’s not something that I usually embrace, so I’m glad to have something like snowshoeing, with Moms Gone Wild or not, that I enjoy outside during the colder months.

I am lucky enough to have another MGW event coming up with Ari next month. It also involves ice, is indoors, and I do not think I’ll be so lucky as to not fall while learning to play this sport. Stay tuned!

From the lasting snow,


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