March 2020

I think it’s safe to say that our March Family Update looks very similar to everyone else’s! Brad, Maverick and I have been home for two weeks. Archer finished school two weeks ago today. Spring break is at an end, and we’re still wondering what’s going to happen next, when this virus will stop spreading and we will be allowed to socialize again. We will stay home as long as needed, but I’m sure you can all agree, we’re hoping that it won’t last too long.

Brad and I are having a date night on Saturday. I plan to order in Sushi to enjoy after the kids go to bed, and while we were going to make martinis, I’ll still be on antibiotics, so that’s a negative. I’m not sure what else we’ll get up to, but I plan on putting on a dress and maybe even some makeup! Hey, at least it’ll be cheaper than having to hire a babysitter.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook - Black Bean Tortas

I've been doing a lot of cooking, like these Tortas from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. SO YUM!


To be honest, we didn’t have a lot planned for spring break. Archer was supposed to participate in a science camp put on by SFU at his school, but Maverick was set to be in his usual four days of day care each week, so we were planning to stay pretty close to home. Family plans have been rescheduled, including Whitecaps games and the Monster Trucks. It’s all for the best and definitely gives us something to look forward to when the new “normal” sets in for us again.

Brothers Throwing Rocks in the Ocean
Brothers Holding Hands, Walking

Watching these two side-by-side is one of my favourite things. Whether throwing rocks into the ocean, or Archer helping his brother stay to
the side of the road during our neighbourhood walks, they melt my heart.


Speaking of having something to look forward to, I have been so grateful that my online course has continued business as usual. Having my peers’ writing to read, review and critique, as well as our bi-weekly meetings and weekly readings has given me something to focus my brain on other than staying inside with the kids. We get out where we can, daily walks as a family and with the dog, but I have been trying to rest as much as possible as I’m still not feeling well. The timing is not so bad, I guess, when we’re all supposed to stay home anyways. But the dreams I’d had of getting my spring cleaning done while on self-isolation fluttered out the window with the breeze.

Thankfully, we’ve been able to truly focus on what matters. More meals as a foursome family unit, time doing crafts and playing games together, science experiments and more family movies than ever. We are lucky to have this time, and we’re hopeful that everyone will come out the other side of this happier and healthier, with a greater appreciation for our families and our planet.


Oh, Brad. Where do I start with this guy? He has been taking the changes and instructions in stride, working harder than ever to keep things afloat with work and what they need him for during this time, while refereeing the kids with me where needed. More than anyone, he has rocked playing the hand he’s dealt, and I will be forever grateful for him and his care for our family. He’s doing all of the shopping and errands out of the house so that I can stay home with the kids and stay stafe and healthy. I’m lucky to have him as my person.


So far, Archer is loving life at home. He only asked for the first time the other day if he could go to school and get away from his brother for a bit, and has been loving getting up every morning before the rest of the house, when he has full control of the television. We’re practicing reading skills, letters and numbers as we always do and haven’t put any pressure on home-schooling just yet. Next week when the teachers are back, we’ll see what’s recommended for us during the school closure. Until then, we’re all just trying to get by. On separate floors, if needed.

Super thankful for our three-level home right now.

Race Car Game on Kitchen Floor

I got creative with painter's tape and made a game on our kitchen floor.


The adjustment for Maverick when he does go back to day care is going to be rough. Him and I have spent every day, almost all day long together, for the last two weeks. When Brad is the one to get him up from naps, the first thing I hear him say is to ask for mama. I love it, and I know that it won’t always be this way, but I’m secretly hoping that Brad will do drop-offs for the first couple of days. I hate to watch him cry as I leave him behind!

Other than that, Maverick has been growing and learning like crazy. He is able to ask for what he wants, tell us what’s wrong and is even starting to have conversations. We’re lucky to be able to spend so much time with him at this age. There are tantrums galore, but being with him as he learns is truly priceless. And hilarious!

As I looked back on my calendar for March, the cancelled events stood out to me the most. But there were also FaceTime dates I booked with friends that I haven’t seen in a while, or had plans with to get together in person that had to be cancelled. I marked down fun stuff we’ve done as a family, like making a can implode, colour by numbers and creating Shamrocks to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. I truly believe that those are the things we’ll cherish most after this is all done, and that the kids will remember from these trying times.

That's it for the March Family Update. Here's to hoping April will see us outside and mingling, virus-free!

Stay healthy out there,


Dog Sleeping Near Lego Blocks

With everyone home these days, the messes are aplenty. Life is ruff when you have to nap with your nose touching blocks. 🙂

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