Take me back to open sunsets, where the only thing to care about is where you'll get your next drink.

Memories, Take Me Away! It’s all we really have right now, isn’t it? Imagine with me, that you were able to take off in this moment. Come with me to these places!

Camping with Friends - Two Ladies on Picnic Table
Branya in Ireland - Aran Islands

Aran Islands, Ireland (2010)

Looking at this picture, I realized that I never did a blog post about our Ireland trip! I may have to take a trip down memory lane some time soon. PRE-KIDS!

This or That by @kelseyinlondon

I saw this post on Instagram the other day and was inspired to pretend we were going back to all of these fun places. I love me a good This or That! And there was only one that I couldn’t choose between. Does my answer surprise you? (Probably not if you know me. Don’t make me choose between Adventure or Relaxing, I want a little of both!)

I'm doing my best to keep things light in such a heavy time. I hope this little adventure helps you do that, too. If I could choose one place to be right now, all expenses paid with all of our best friends, I think it would be here or somewhere awfully similar, where we could have endless drinks, someone else to cook for us, and all of the beach, sun and pool we could handle!

Please, stay home! Stay safe, stay healthy, stop the spread. We’ll have plenty of time for more than just our memories to take us away. For now …

Memories, Take Me Away,


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