Notebook - Follow Your Dreams, They Know the Way

I found the Writer’s Studio at SFU last year some time. I was searching online for ways to further my education, having made the decision to move on from my first career and all.

The program interested me, but I didn’t really think that the timing was good for me, as I was still on maternity leave and wasn’t sure what I wanted my future as a writer to look like.

When I came across the program again earlier this year, just before the launch, I decided that there was nothing holding me back from applying.

So, I started my application, creating a Writing Resume, Cover Letter and putting together a Writing Sample. I was going to do it! I have heard that the program was quite competitive, so applying doesn’t mean that I will be accepted. Especially not into the genre of my choice, fiction.

But I did it! I hit the send button, paid my application fee and officially applied to go back to school yesterday! I’m really excited about the prospect of getting into the program, which is part-time, online and runs from September until June.

I know that there is a chance that I might not get in. And that’s okay, too. I have put my desire to go back to school into the Universe, and if I don’t get in, I know that it is just not the right time.

I’ve been viewing my writing career as fluid.

Where I need the time to promote Letters to the Mountain, I take it.

If the mood strikes to write about my next project, you bet I’m sitting down to let it all out.

When I choose to record my audio book, I know that it is what I am supposed to be doing to build my craft.

If I just need to take an afternoon off and play hooky with Brad at the movies. You bet we order the extra-large popcorn while the kids are at day care and take in a movie. A luxury that we don’t get often, unless we arrange a babysitter.

BC Place from Park in False Creek

The places where dreams are made are everywhere

Sidebar: It feels like I set out to write about one thing every time I start a blog post recently, and end up talking about another. Is it too chaotic? Is it flowing nicely? Feedback please! Comment below and let me know!

And it all just feels right. I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, learning every day how to work for myself and do all of the things that allow me to write.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have in being able to stay at home and figure this all out. To apply for the Writer's Studio at SFU. To follow my dreams.

I’m reaching for the stars. They’re out there somewhere. Mysterious. Attainable. Beautiful.

I never thought I’d want to be a student again. Nor did I ever think I’d publish my memoir at the age of 34. But, here we are.

Hoping for the best and knowing it will come,



  • I hope you get in! That sounds exciting! I don’t mind when blogs talk about a bunch of different things. It’s interesting to hear how you are doing and what you are thinking about. I don’t always notice if the topic changes from one thing to another because my brain does that constantly on its own!

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