National Novel Writing Month

I am ready today to write my 50,000th word for the National Novel Writing Month challenge I wrote about earlier this month.

Having set aside every single excuse that I usually give in to (because I have no time, there’s laundry to do, I’m home alone with the kids, I’m tired, thirsty, hungry, I have to work out, the list goes on and on), I've made myself so proud! Instead of giving in to the excuses, I made the time almost every single day this month to write. Sure, I took a day off here or there, but when I did I either wrote more in advance to make up for not writing on the weekends, or I played catch up after.

I am 50,000 words closer to the final draft of my Romi Series and I am so excited and proud of myself! This was no small feat!

Now, since we’re on the subject of the Romi Series, I thought I would continue what I started in the first blog that I wrote about National Novel Writing Month and give you snippets of the rest of the main characters in the series!

Allow me to intruduce you to Romi’s boyfriend, best friend, work colleague and boss:

Adam Jeffrey Rochester, Assistant Video Game Designer, 23

Romi’s family and friends don’t think her high school sweetheart is good enough for her kind heart. Will he prove himself to Romi and win over her family?

Elise Marie Fosway, Nursing Student, 23

Romi’s childhood best friend is a loyal and kind nursing student. She always has Romi’s back, especially when she doesn’t see life’s twists and turns coming.

Collette Banker, Paralegal, 27

Collette is Romi’s mentor at PI Law, her first legal job. Collette has worked with their boss for years and knows the ropes of what to expect in the fast-paced law firm environment. Is she truly on Romi’s side, or will life and love get in the way?

Elizabeth Baird-Conwill (EBC), Lawyer, 58

Never one to turn down a glass of wine, Romi’s high and mighty boss wants to teach her to be the best Paralegal she can be, throwing her in the deep end and hoping she not only swims, but floats.

open book beside white ceramic teacup on saucer

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Anyone that knows me and my past can probably guess which people are loosely based on my real-life relationships and people that I know. No need to fess up here, as all of the characters in my books are definitely fictional, from here on out.

Okay, I must get back to Romi. Only 1,934 words to go to reach my goal …

Stay tuned on Instagram for the big announcement when I’m done and have officially completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge!

Excited and proud,


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