National Novel Writing Month has an acronym, naturally.

I dislike acronyms. And this one takes the cake.

Are you ready for it?


I would insert a vomit emoji here, but I dislike Word Press’ emojis. Instead, I’ll just pledge my refusal to you that I will never refer to this acronym out loud.

November is the month where writers everywhere take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in their novel over the span of the month of November. I had heard of the challenge before and decided it was actually really great timing for me to take it on myself. The month is almost half way over and I’m happy to report that I have written just shy of 20,000 words so far this month towards the first book in my Romi series!

The daily average goal for words is around 1,700 words. I am so proud of myself that I am on target for the 50,000 words. I brought my lap top to Mom Camp and wrote both days that I was there. This past weekend I wrote extra words a couple of days so that I could give myself a break on Sunday, and I’m still on track! It helps that I am having a lot of fun with my writing, and that I’m working on this piece for school as well.

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All that being said, would you like to see another sneak peek of Romi? I was thinking to share a brief character outline of the main characters that will appear in the first book. I have done a lot of background work for these characters, which was a really fun way to start to form my book.

Romi E. James, Paralegal, 23

Stubborn, clumsy and loveable, Romi is our main character. She finds lightness in the dark and is always up for a good time, often to her own disadvantage.

Elliott Patrick James, Paramedic, 48

Elliott is a strong and supportive father to Romi and her sister, Sam. He is kind and loving, so why does Romi question his actions so much?

Josephine Anne James (nee Jensen), Teacher, 48

Mystery surrounds Romi’s mother. Readers will wonder why she is not around and what the history of her relationship with Romi is. What happened to mom?

Samantha Rose James, Office Assistant for the Vancouver Warriors Lacrosse Team, 26

Romi’s sister, Sam, is her fierce and independent life-long best friend. Sam will always be there for Romi, but will her attitude and unsolicited opinions compromise their sisterly bond?

There you have it, the first four characters that have made an appearance in book 1 so far. The James family.

So, tell me. Would you like to learn more about the rest of the main characters? Romi’s love interest, close friend and work colleagues/boss?

This exercise of writing out a bit about each character was actually really good practice for me. I feel so comfortable with them, who they are, and though I’m still surprised at some of the things they get up to, I’m having a lot of fun writing this book. That must mean I’m on the right track, ya? And by the time National Novel Writing Month is over (okay fiiiiiine, I get why there’s an acronym. That’s annoying to type out every time. I’m still not using it though!), I’ll be so much closer to a first draft of Romi’s book 1.

Time to settle on a title? 🙂

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