Two days after I launched Letters to the Mountain, I started writing my next set of books which, for now, I am calling the Romi Series. It follows a young woman named Romi starting out her career as a paralegal in downtown Vancouver. Based on my experiences, of course!

I revealed Romi’s full name here, and shared the meaning behind her name with my newsletter subscribers (sign up here if you haven’t already!).

In case you missed it:

When I was pregnant with both of my kids, Brad and I decided to keep their gender a surprise. With our first, we took to calling the baby a combination of both names,“Archer-Romi,” rolling the “r’s” together to form one word. Well, turns out we needed the name Archer and not Romi, so I chose to give my beloved character this name when I needed one for my books! She’s the daughter I’ll never have, as we are done having kids, and she has joined our family as our fifth member (sixth if you include the dog).

Mac Book Desk Setup working on Romi Series

I mapped out the Romi Series with the plan to expand over three novels. We first meet Romi during the first week of her practicum at a high-caliber law firm in Vancouver. It has been so much fun creating this life for her, seeing how her character develops, getting to learn about her friends and family and seeing how everything wraps together to form this story. I swear, these details are just in me, straining to get out through my fingertips. They come from somewhere deep within. I couldn’t begin to explain it if I tried.

I have a title in mind for my books that ties them all together while leaving them each to have their own identity of sorts. But I’d like your opinions about the title, if you’re willing to give them!


Flowers to brighten our dining room. Just because.

There are more exciting things coming down the pipes for Anya Wyers Author, but for now, I will leave you with an excerpt from the first book of the Romi Series. Keep in mind it is a rough draft, first seen here!


By the time I sober up from lunch and manage to sort through the stacks of mayhem on my desk, tidying them into neat piles with notes of instructions to be dealt with on Monday, it’s already almost 6:30 pm.

I pull my phone out of its place in my desk drawer, expecting to have heard from Adam by now.


I lean back in my chair, trying to see who else is still in the office. I don’t recall anyone leaving around me, but everything seems oddly still. The weekend is upon us.

I stand, ready to leave, when I hear a laugh from down the hall.


Before I leave, I want to tell her to have a good weekend. And talk to her about this next venture the boss lady is taking me on.

Just as I’m about to go around the corner into her office, I hear a deep laugh weave through the intricacies of Collette’s giggle. 

My bare feet stop dead before I run square into a very tall man with jet-black hair, leaning against the door frame. His back is turned towards me. 

Good god, I forgot to put on my shoes before leaving my desk. At least I didn’t head straight to the elevators or I’d be visiting the closest shoe store to spend more money that I don’t exactly have on another pair of shoes. There was no way I would walk home barefoot and I haven’t gotten my office key yet.

“You’re going to have to wait until later to find out.”

My lips form a tight “o” shape over my teeth as I slowly back away from this stranger.

It was a silver lining that I hadn’t remembered to put my shoes back on. I had no heels to give away my presence on the hardwood floors and move, unnoticed, back to my desk.

I have no idea who that was with Collette.

And I may have only known her for a week, but I’ve never heard her giggle like that.

I can guess what they were talking about, but don’t let my mind go there.

I bend down to grab my bag from under my desk too quickly, feeling a rush of blood pound behind my ears as I slip my shoes on.

Is it possible to be hungover before dinner?


I glance behind me before making my exit. My breath settles as I reach the elevator and I’ve calmed myself down. What Collette does after hours is none of my business.

I’m sure she’d tell me if she wanted me to know.

The office kept me later than expected every day this week, but as I press the call button I trust the feelings bubbling in my gut and ignore the air of Collette’s affair.

I’m going to be very happy here.


I'm so excited to share this with you and would love some feedback, below!

Living all things in the Romi series,


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