July 2019

The July 2019 Family Update is coming at ya! The first whole month of summer is behind us! We’re off camping this Friday for the long weekend, so I hope that the sunny weather cooperates and gives us a glorious weekend with our friends.

Looking back on July makes me happy. We had a pretty good one all-around. Made some great memories with friends, had some renovations done to our place and enjoyed our time together as a family (for the most part!).

Letters to the Mountain on Shelf at Tomes and Tales Bookstore

Letters to the Mountain on the shelf at Tomes and Tales Bookstore in Pitt Meadows


We had our babysitter watch the kids for us quite a bit this month! Between Whitecaps games, a date night specially planned by Brad and a concert, Brad and I got plenty of one-on-one time outside the house this month. And the kids got to spend time with their favourite friend, Sydney.

One of our best days as a family was when Brad’s company treated us all to Playland for the day, lunch included. Maverick loved the rides that he was able to go on and even went on the balloon ride twice because he was so excited when we walked past it before leaving.

Archer was pretty brave this year, going on the Scrambler twice! Though he couldn’t be convinced to go on the kids’ roller coaster again this year. Not after last year!

Honeybee Express Playland Train Conductor

Honeybee Express at Playland

Honeybee Express Playland Train Ride

Dad and Maverick in the Caboose


It seemed more fitting to do a “Branya” update this month, since we got up to so many fun things together!

Brad’s favourite band is Alter Bridge, whose front-man, Myles Kennedy, is touring with Slash. They had a show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on July 18, which we didn’t miss! Between Slash’s killer guitar talent and Myles’ impeccable voice, it was a pretty wicked show. And another excuse for date night!

The Vancouver Whitecaps haven’t been doing too well this season, which has resulted in some very angry fans (two were even spotted wearing paper bags on their heads at the recent Canadian Championship game.). It’s been pretty awful. We’re hopeful that the team will continue its restructure and that things will look up for us next year. We’ll be in the stands, cheering the ‘Caps on!

Kids Sitting on Log at Barnet Marine Park Beach

At Barnet Marine Park

Brothers watching TV quietly on Couch

Look! They're getting along again!

Kid and Friend Playing Foosball

Playing Foosball on our birthdays date with our friend Tina


Our oldest has officially learned how to ride a bike! We signed Archer up for a Pedalheads camp when it just didn’t seem like there was anything we could do to help him learn how to ditch the training wheels. He was balancing on two wheels on the second day and hasn’t looked back!

As a reward for doing so well at his bike camp, Brad and I took Archer to see the Secret Life of Pets II in the movie theatre. The first movie wasn’t my favourite, but I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. Plus, popcorn and naps make all movies pretty bearable, right Brad? (He fell asleep, not me.)

It’s been a trying time for Archer, being five is hard. So is being the parent of a five-year-old. We’ve found a couple of ways to help all of us get through the tantrums and tears, but if anyone knows the magic trick to not having to repeat myself a hundred times, please let me know!


Oh, dear Maverick. What has July brought our resident dare devil?

As I mentioned above, Maverick is definitely a fan of the rides at Playland. He was so excited to ride the Honeybee Express Train with dad and eat all the cotton candy and mini-donuts he was allowed. Which was a lot. The rules when missing naptime include doing everything humanly possible to avoid meltdowns. The poor kid wouldn’t sleep in the stroller or baby carrier, but did crash pretty hard in the car on the way home. Which is surprising for him, but not surprising after missing his nap!

Maverick continues to climb and hit and yell and is learning new words every day. He’s very confident in his “yesses” and “nos” and seems to know exactly what he wants at all times. I look forward to the day when he is better able to communicate his desires to us!

Black Lab on Leash on Trail

Walks in the trails near our place

We’re getting by, one day at a time.

I’m excited for August, but don’t want it to pass too quickly. Before we know it, school will be here … for more than one family member.

Keep your eyes peeled for news,


Toddler Hugging Brother from Behind

When they get along, they're very sweet with each other

Kids and Dad on Swings at Rocky Point

The Swings at Rocky Point

Five-Year-Old Learning Golf

One of the events at RibFest at Rocky Point, Archer learned how to golf

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