Brad in Paris - Happy Birthday Brad!

Oh Snap! Brad's 34!

Happy Birthday Brad!

I have prepared a special, extra blog post this week because on this lovely day of days, we celebrate the day my husband was born. 34 years ago!

In an effort to avoid getting too sappy, I prepared a special “Around the World” photo album so that everyone can see all of the places we have been together in the 11 years since we met (which you can read about here).

Branya in Vancouver

Branya in Vancouver (2009)

Branya in PG

Branya in PG (2009)

Branya in Paris

Branya with the Mona Lisa (2010)

Branya in Ireland

Branya touch the Atlantic Ocean for the first time (2010)

Branya in Ireland - Aran Islands

Branya bike the Aran Island, Inishmore (2010)

Branya at Baker Lake

Branya at Baker Lake, Washington (2011)

Branya in Seattle

Branya in Seattle (2011)

Branya in Whister - Silly

Branya get silly in Whistler (2011)

Til mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. - Led Zeppelin

Branya in Mexico (Trash the Dress)

Branya take the plunge (2012)

Branya in Tuzla

Branya and Archer in Tuzla, Bosnia i Herzegovina (2015)

Branya in Dubrovnik

Branya and Archer in Dubrovnik, Croatia (2015)

Branya in Plitvicka

Branya in Plitvice, Croatia (2015)

I say I do to every day with you.

Branya in Kelowna

Branya in Kelowna (2015)

Branya at Green Lake

Branya and Archer (and baby Maverick) at Green Lake (2017)

Branya in Victoria

Branya on the way to Victoria (2019)

Wishing my hubby the happiest of days.

Happy birthday Brad!

Always and forever yours,


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