On the first day of the last few months, I’ve been sending subscribers a newsletter with Anya Wyers Author news and an update about what’s going on with my writing and upcoming projects.

Today is July 5 and I just realized that I didn’t send out a newsletter for July!

I guess I’ve been busy.

Marketing Letters to the Mountain takes up a lot of my time when I let it, but ever since we returned from Prince George, I have been focusing on the blog and my next project.

Vancouver Scenery

Photo by Larry Nalzaro on Unsplash

Yesterday was the first day that I really sat down to write, and I’m really proud of what I’m churning out. I actually found myself writing a scene that was not only unexpected, but so emotional that I was choking back tears! It’s my dream for readers to be able to feel what I feel while I am writing. I’m really excited to see if I have that gift one day when my next stories are ready.

As I mentioned in a previous post, linked above, I am working on a fictional series about a young woman starting her career as a paralegal in Vancouver. Sound familiar?

She is strong. She has suffered. There’s no way she’s perfect, but I love her vulnerability and strength. She is extremely excited to see what her new career has in store for her and the challenges that will come her way.

Do you want to know her name?

I haven’t shared this with many people yet. It’s a name that’s very special to me, especially since the woman it belongs to has taken up a role in my personal life. I talk to Brad about her as if she’s the fifth member of our family, running ideas past him and updating him on where she’s at.

Are you ready?

Romi E. James

I am having such a great time learning who Romi is and seeing where her story goes.

So, there you have it!

When I am able to dedicate the time to writing, I am immersing myself in all things Romi.

I hope that one day my readers will be just as excited to learn all about her.

Anya Wyers Author
Photo Courtesy of Jodi Kaldestad

I just reviewed the 6,300+ words that I’ve written so far quickly and I couldn’t pick a part that I’m ready to share just yet. But stay tuned! I submitted the opening of the first chapter when I applied to The Writer’s Studio, so we’ll see what happens with that and whether I will be working on this project at school in September! There’s only twenty days until they start making the calls to accepted students, so not long to wait!

(Not that I’m counting down the days or anything …)

Hopefully there will be some even more exciting Anya Wyers Author News in the August newsletter. As long as I remember to make one!

Proud to be Romi’s “mom”,


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