Boss ladies unite! I had the pleasure of being invited to celebrate an evening of women supporting women at my friend Sheila’s house this past Saturday.

I’ll be honest. When she invited me, I was a little surprised that she thought I had a place there.

I just have one little book to my name, after all. And the ladies that I know she also invited to showcase their talents had many products to show. A whole business of products, even! Beautiful photographs, decorations and personalized gifts, makeup, accent pillows and gorgeous upholstered furniture.

But all I had was a book.

I discounted the power that has in immediately comparing it to the other ladies.

Why is that?

Well, it’s probably for the same reason that we (as women) dread wearing swimsuits, avoid (or obsessively confront) the scale, wear makeup, dye our hair and seek surgical procedures.

We don’t think we’re good enough for the outside pressures of the world we live in.

Book Cover - Letters to the Mountain by Anya Wyers

I have definitely seen a change in these pressures put on us as women by society. The Birds Papaya, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Raw Beauty, and so many other women I follow online are spreading the word of organic beauty. We are all beautiful. Worthy. Special.

And so I replied to Sheila and told her that, yes. I would be honoured to bring my book to her event celebrating women!

Which I did. And I was! To be invited into Sheila’s home among a room full of strangers was amazing. Everyone smiled and laughed and mingled. We talked about our kids and got to know one another over cocktails.

Welcome to Ladies Night Sign
Simply Sheila Designs Display

Simply Sheila Designs - website and Instagram

Table Display of Mary Kay Makeup

Think Pink Sharon -  website and Instagram

Bucket of Wine and Sign - Red, White or Pink, Pour Yourself a Drink

Colleen's Upholstery - website and Instagram

We supported each other. By listening and perusing each other’s goods. And by making some purchases! I left with a lovely little pouch to hold “all the things” in my purse. I also ordered a custom wooden sign that will read “Home Sweet Home since 2014.” Both things I bought from Simply Sheila Designs. She had a beautiful selection of her décor, which made it very difficult to choose only two things! I was also intrigued by the “Must Love Dogs” sign and the “Mondays are for the Bachelor” wine glass, but limited my treats to just the two. For now!

The other boss ladies and friends of Sheila’s included Sharon, who sells Mary Kay products; Jennifer Pucek, who is a photographer; and, Colleen from Colleen’s Upholstery. I have followed Colleen on Instagram for a while and it was a pleasure to finally meet with her in person!

Bucket of Wine and Sign - Red, White or Pink, Pour Yourself a Drink

Red, White or Pink, Pour Yourself a Drink!

Food Buffet on Marble Counter

All in all, it was a great night. I sold some books, expanded my circle and was very proud of myself at the end of the night.

I left my comfort zone and I not only survived, but I flourished!

In a place where belonged.

Strong women supporting strong women.

Watch out world,


Purse with Pouch from Simply Sheila Designs

Pouch by Simply Sheila Designs


  • I was nervous to put on this event to be honest! Not sure if ladies would like to attend or not. BUT I am so glad I did! Everyone who came had a wonderful time and I even had some guests who couldn’t make it ask if I would be doing another. We definitely put to much pressure on ourselves as women, so it was nice to have everyone be welcoming and to market our products in a casual setting.
    If I do have another event in the future I would love to have you join again 🙂

    • Thank you for your honesty, Sheila! I think we’re both doing a grand job of putting ourselves out there and setting a great example for other women and our kids to see! If you have another event, definitely let me know. I would come again for sure!

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