If you're a Vino, you'll know what I mean by the term "Vino" and you'll expect a great confession to come from the Live Podcast I went to earlier this week.

My Confession (it's not too crazy): I love watching the Bachelor. Or the Bachelorette, I’m not picky!

I’ve watched for years on and off, and while I don’t watch a lot of tv these days on my own, I do have this one guilty pleasure.

I love watching people fall in love! If you can actually fall in love over the course of a 6-week overly produced show. I’m not here to talk about the merits of that today.

One great thing that comes from being a fan of Bachelor Nation is one of my favourite podcasts: Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. She tackles strong issues in a true-to-herself and light-hearted way. And I am here for it!

Naturally, I was there when she recorded a live podcast on Tuesday night at the Commodore Ballroom. And I dragged Brad along with me. He was a really good sport (he’ll pretty much come anywhere with me as long as they have beer) and had a few good laughs with me. I was sporting my Dew Edit scrunchie and got to try Kaitlyn’s wine, Spade and Sparrows, for the first time. It was so good–I can’t wait til it comes to Canada (and closer to my house).

Off the Vine Live Podcast Vancouver November 5, 2019

Sarah, Kaitlyn and Blake (the DJ and former Bachelorette Contestant)

Off the Vine Live Podcast Vancouver with Sarah Landry November 5, 2019

Up Close - Girl Chat

Kaitlyn’s guest for the live podcast was Sarah Nicole, also known as the Birds Papaya. She is a motivational speaker and advocate for body positivity in women everywhere. What she stands for is very close to the theme of Mom Camp: The Camp. We are all just doing our best in all aspects of life and we shouldn’t judge each other based on our appearance.


Full stop.

Now, this being the recording of a live podcast, they were drinking and partying, which was expected, especially if you listened to Kaitlyn’s first live podcast tour. It was tame in comparison, let me tell you.

The part of what Sarah and Kaitlyn were talking about that resonated with me the most is that sometimes you have to go through the difficult times, the ones that you never thought you’d be in, in order to come out the other side where you’re meant to be. Better and stronger. And happier!

I know it’s been true for me, the things worth having in life are almost always more than worth the work.

So tell me (or at least tell yourself in your head), does this idea ring true to you?

Even the smallest light shines bright in the darkness.

A large part of Sarah’s message as the Birds Papaya is body positivity. I was first introduced to her Instagram and blog through the Off the Vine Podcast and I have enjoyed the impact she has out there, spreading love for our bodies just the way they are, perfect imperfections and all. I know I don’t have a daughter, but I hope I can help my sons be confident in themselves and with their partners, wherever and whomever they are one day. Archer asked if he could go to the live podcast with me. One day I hope to say yes.

Today is the Friday before the Remembrance Day long weekend, where we remember those that have fought and died for our country and marks the end of the first world war.

Lest We Forget,


Field of Poppies - Unsplash Photo by Evgeniy Gorbenko

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