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November 2019

And just like that, it's November 2019 Family Update time! Feels like yesterday was Halloween. Do the days and months and years always go by this quickly, or is it just more noticeable as we get older?


We had a pretty balanced month, overall. There was work, play, a getaway and some fun things for the kids in there, too! As well as a couple of days where we mostly stayed in our jammies, playing at home and watching far too many shows/movies.

We spent some time with friends, hosted a games night and took the kids swimming at our rec centre, which we should do more often than we do because they had a blast.

Mom and Two Sons Snuggling on the Couch

Snuggling and watching the hockey game

My ever-present yoga and workout buddy. Great spot for a nap, Eddie.



I started off the month at Mom Camp: The Camp. You can read about it here, but it was a long overdue weekend to focus on me and my health and well-being. There was axe-throwing, walks through the woods and sleeping in cabins. Meetings around the campfire and a pajama dance party, of course! I came away from it feeling refreshed and more like me again.

I’ve been keeping busy this month … not only have I been keeping up with my twice-weekly blog and monthly newsletter (sign up for it here for a sneak peek into my Christmas giveaway and the opportunity to get multiple entries!), but November is National Writing Month, and as of this past Wednesday, I met the challenge of writing 50,000 words within the month of November! I am proud of myself and so motivated to keep writing!

The Christmas spirit has been slowly taking over me this month, which is very abnormal for me. I hosted a Christmas sign painting party at our rec centre, which you can read about here. Now to find the perfect spot to hang my creation!

Women Axe Throwing

Axe-Throwing at Mom Camp


Friends Ready for Christmas Sign Painting

Ready to Paint!



Brad has been busy at work, as usual, and did an excellent job full-time dadding while I was away earlier this month. We’ve been planning our Christmas this year (hint: it involves a trip to PG) while trying to still do things for ourselves over the holidays. I think we’re overdue for a date night, and given that it’s our 7th wedding anniversary next week, I think we’ll be able to make that happen. 🙂


If I had to summarize Archer’s month in two words, they would be: play date. He’s obsessed! We’ve been slowly playing with other kids in our neighbourhood that Archer also goes to school with, and it’s been nice expanding our circle.

Archer is doing great at school, he’s been getting good reports of being kind and helping others. He’s been colouring inside the lines and writing his name so well! I can see the improvement in just the last few weeks. As a first-time school mom, I am so excited and proud of him.


Mr. Maverick has been his usual little self, his vocabulary expanding every day, which makes it so much easier to communicate with him. Though watch out if he can’t have exactly what he wants. His determination is way worse that his brother’s ever was at this age.

Maverick had a little down day last week, he had a bit of a temperature and just wanted snuggles with mom. It’s so hard when kids are sick but thankfully it only lasted one day and didn’t escalate past a fever.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year. Maverick is learning to say Santa and make the connection with his image - let's see how Christmas pictures go this year!

Smiling Brunette Curly Haird Woman

November was a happy month!

That’s about it for us the November 2019 Family Update, other than more school work for me and the re-introduction of a workout regime for both myself and Brad, it’s the same old same around here.

This weekend we are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice (which is a first for all of us and ’m not sure who is more excited) and I’m going to get out the Christmas decorations on Sunday, since it’s officially December. Hope you all stay warm and fuzzy with the Christmas Spirit.

Take care,


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