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September 2019

September has been an emotional month for me! (See here and here for a couple of examples.) Though I do feel good about the place we're all in as I sit to write the September 2019 Family Update!

We are kindergarten parents. I officially have four days per week while said kindergartener is at school to write and do school work. More on that below.


Usually summers are notorious for being busy, but I feel like September had us running wild. Brad and I had an overdue date night (we’re averaging one per month, which is very unlike us!) and the kids got to see our beloved babysitter, who hadn’t been over since July!

Archer and I both started school, and we have been supporting each other through all of the changes. We’re managing, but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been hard.

Racoon at Como Lake Park

Actual picture of me after kindergarten gradual entry.

Eddie is such a good sport!


I started school!

And it feels really, really good. I’m working as part of a mentor group, where we provide each other with feedback on our writing. It’s exciting to start to get Romi’s story out there, in its early form. These fellow students of mine are the first to read my work this time. With Letters to the Mountain, the first eyes to read it were those of my editor. Big changes here!

The first weekend of the month saw me playing golf for a wonderful cause. Moms Gone Wild held a golf tournament to raise money for mental health in the tri-cities. I am going to be sure to check out their next event! Our mental well-being is just as important, if not more, than our physical health. I’m happy to see the trends changing to focus on all of the aspects of ourselves.

Friends Dressed up for Golf Tournament Enjoying Free Ice Cream

Friends don't let friends eat ice cream (or wear silly costumes) alone.

Hit up a concert with this babe - the first we've been to together in almost 9 years of friendship!
JoJo Mason, Eric Ethridge and Sons of Daughters at the Imperial Theatre



Brad has still been as busy as ever at work, but managed to work from home for a few days and give a little extra attention to things around the house where possible. It was nice having him around. He even got to walk Archer to school, stay for their morning calm routine of stretching and then sit and read some books with Archer during their "me" time. Oh to be in kindergarten again!

We’re in the middle of planning some small renovations (we have already started one, but I forgot to take a before picture! FAIL.) and getting ready for winter.


Archer has adapted quickly to school. There have definitely been more outbursts and meltdowns (before and after school), but kindergarten seems pretty exhausting on him! In turn, it’s been hard on us old parents, but we’re getting through. I hear it's not just us, so hang in there parents. We're in this together!

Archer has also started back with soccer and swimming. He has officially started weekly soccer games, which are a lot of fun! I feel like we're on the brink of returning to our routines ... it's got to happen some time soon, right?


I feel like Maverick’s speaking abilities have magnified immensely since our last Family Update. He is still struggling with all of the toddler energy he has going on, but he is so much more vocal when it comes to what he wants and what he sees. He answers questions and excitedly points out things in his surroundings that I didn’t realize he noticed before. This is a very fun age, which has also brought more cuddles from our youngest!

It was a weird phenomenon when we had Maverick. As he got a little older as a baby, I quickly learned that he is not Archer. He does not like cuddling nearly as much, which was really hard for me for a time because my instinct was to bring him in for a snuggle when he needed some comfort. Maverick, however, prefers to be held, but not brought right in for a snuggle. Thankfully, he has recently been down for a quick hug or to rest his head on my shoulder, albeit briefly. I'll take what I can get.

Brothers Hugging

September was a little shy on pictures, so you get one of my faves.
Archer with his arm around Maverick, without prompting or hitting!

As we get closer to the end of the year, fall is upon us, along with cozy sweaters and umbrellas. I’m excited for the season to fully change, the leaves to turn colour and start falling. The rain is never far away this time of year, but it makes the moments where the sun shines through all the more precious.

Okay, the rambling is done for another month.

I can’t be-leaf October is almost here!


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