Did you hear the news?

There was a Murder in Margaritaland.

It was all very suspect. Pun intended.

Group of Beach Partiers - Murder in Margaritaland
Group of Ladies - Murder in Margaritaland

We had ourselves a Murder Mystery Party this past Saturday night!

I’ve always wanted to take part in one, and have never had the opportunity. So a few months back when I mentioned it to Brad, he suggested that I just throw one myself.

I’m so glad that I listened!

In a surprise to no one, there are some fantastic options for Murder Mystery Parties that you can order (and download) online. I chose Night of Mystery for our party, and if I ever host a party again I think I would re-order from Night of Mystery. There was quite a bit of prep that went into it, which would be the case with any company online, but it was straightforward and easy to arrange. They provided a bunch of bonus materials, posters and decoration templates, food and drink ideas and even a checklist for the host on the night of the party.

And speaking of the party, we had so much fun!

Our group had 11 guests – Coconut Joe, Coconut Jane, Bindy Barkeep, Jack Daniels, Izzie Islander, Lifesavin’ Sam, Starr Bright, Kylie Cocktail, Sandy Beachbum, Candy Cotton and Cabana Bob. Pants were optional. Grass skirts rustled. Accusations were hurled and in depth discussions about who might have killed the poor, innocent (or not-so-innocent) victim floated around the room.

We hosted the party at the Rec centre in our townhouse complex, which was a great space. It was nice to be so close to home, as we live right across the street.

Everyone really got into character, dressing and acting their parts. I had initially wanted to do a Hawaiian theme, and Murder in Margaritaland really fit the bill. The costumes were easy, the details that everyone followed for their characters were impressive. The atmosphere was beach-easy relaxation with a bit of excitement in the air, not knowing what to expect next.

Bar Setup at Murder Mystery Party - Murder in Margaritaland

Margaritaland Tiki Bar

Murder Mystery Victim - Murder in Margaritaland

The victim! Was he trying to escape? Run? Whodunnit?!

Outline of Fake Murder Victim

Outline of the "body"

The only downside?

The one responsible for the Murder in Margaritaland got away with murder! No one guessed the culprit. Now, I’m not sure if we blame the drinks, the great music or the fun that everyone was having, but we just didn’t pay quite enough attention.

Next time …


Deep Investigation at Murder Mystery Party

Investigation of Margaritaland's Owner by the Police

Couple at Party with Leis

All Smiles!

Costume Party - Hawaii

In character - Cabana Bob and Izzie Islander

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