August 2019

August 2019 family update time! We’re all thriving over here, to be honest! School is almost upon us and everyone that I talk to agrees that August has flown by!

Burrard Street Bridge - View from Boat


We had our big annual Family Adventure Day this month for the third year in a row! Check it out hereif you missed it. I can’t wait for next year.

It was a busy summer for everyone, meaning that we haven’t gotten away as much as we would’ve liked, but we have been lucky enough to extend the long weekends for camping and spend most of our weekends together. My mom (Baka to the kids) came to visit for a few days earlier in the month. We played in the back yard, did a little shopping and just hung out! It was great.

Mom reading to kids in lap

Story time is all the time in our house!

Car-Free Day Port Moody 2019 - Family Posing in Front of Recycling Trucks

Car-Free Day Port Moody 2019

Barnet Marine Park - Beach at Ocean

Barnet Marine Park

Husband and Wife Selfie

My Love


The month of August saw my official registration with school with payment of my tuition. The countdown is on for me to start and I must admit, I’m a tad jealous that Archer starts next week and I have to wait until September 14!

Socially, I had a pretty busy month. Tina and I went to the movies to celebrate her birthday, I attended a summer social event with the Canadian Author’s Association, saw the Whitecaps on a mother/son date with Archer and went for pedicures with my mom when she was here. Earlier this week Brad and I had Tina come over to hang out with the kids while we went to a long table dinner put on by the Coquitlam Farmer's Market. It was honestly the most beautiful evening we have had in a long time. All of the proceeds went to their Power of Produce club, which is geared towards teaching kids about where our food comes from. Check out my post on Instagram, below.


As of the first day of this month, Brad is officially another year older! We have been on so many adventures together … I put together a highlight reel to celebrate his big day.

Something that Brad has started doing is working from home more often. He gets so many interruptions when he’s at work that my sporadic need for tech-support means he can have a more productive day working from home. Not to mention being able to work longer since he doesn’t have the 40-minute commute! And he’s pretty easy to convince to have a tv/lunch break. Our current Netflix show is an oldie, which we started watching after they recently made another season. Any guesses on which one it is? This is it.

Branya in Vancouver

One of our first pictures together

Branya in Ireland - Aran Islands

And one of my favourites, in Ireland


I swear Archer has grown so much this month. Before I know it, he’s going to be as tall as me! We visited White Pine Beach with his day care, he had so much fun riding bikes with our friends while we were camping and playing with his friends around the neighbourhood. His Baka took him to the movies while she was here. He finally got to see Toy Story 4. If you are a loyal reader, you will remember that he chose the Secret Life of Pets II over Toy Story 4 the last time we took him to the movies. I’m jealous that he got to see Forky’s debut before me!

He is more than ready to start kindergarten. I can tell already that he’s not going to understand the whole gradual entry idea and will want to stay longer on the first day!


Where to start?

He is into everything. And the minute he has something in his hand that he’s not supposed to and you say “no”, get ready for it to go flying across the room. Airborne objects include the tv remote, Archer’s glasses, picture frames, the baby monitor, anything he’s not supposed to have, really.

It has been an exercise in our patience, and Eddie’s too. He’s very good with the kids but prefers to be upstairs, away from all of the emotions these days. I can’t say I blame him.

On a positive note, Maverick continues to express his kindness, giving hugs and a gentle hand when he senses that someone else is upset. There’s at least one positive thing he’s learning from his brother. They’re both very sweet kids deep down inside. I swear.

Family of Four on Boat in Vancouver

Goodbye August, with love.

That's it for the August 2019 Family Update. I'm so grateful looking back over our month. It flew by, but it was very, very special.

I’m anticipating a lot of change in this coming month, and I can’t wait to share it all.

Ready for the change,


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