Waiting on Change.

Is it healthy? Or is inaction worrisome?

Waiting is hard.

Change can be, too.

Change is inevitable. If you think about the last time you went through a significant change in your life, how long ago would you say it happened?

A week ago? A month? A year?

Or are we all just ever-changing beings that are never really in a solid state that remains the same?

There are a lot of big changes coming our way in our house this fall. Archer starts kindergarten in less than two weeks. I start school shortly after that.

Brad’s work is constantly changing, keeping us on our toes. He’s been travelling more for work and has found it difficult to take any significant time off this summer.

Our last day adventuring together, just us two.

Where did the summer go, by the way? If anyone can get back to me on that and bring on the hot weather that usually comes in the summer months, you know where to find me!

I also feel like I’m constantly changing with my work and what I am doing day to day. Starting in September, I will be home four days per week by myself to work on my writing and school work. I will have the hours that Archer is in school to write, and then after I pick him up I can focus on the household tasks that sadly don’t do themselves.

To be honest, I think that the structure will be really good for us all. I struggle sometimes to work while the chores are waiting to be done. But I plan to keep the chores to outside school hours (when my favourite little helper is home to lend a hand!).

To answer some of the questions above, I believe that we are ever-changing beings. And it’s only when we do something that scares us that we think we don’t like change.

Significant change is all around me. And lately, it feels like it’s happening all the time.

Rewind a few years, and I don’t think I would have adapted to the changes as well as I feel I am right now. And that makes me proud of how far I’ve come in my quest for self-improvement.

So, tell me. Are you one that fears change? Do you think that waiting on change is healthy?

How often after change do you feel like you made the best decision?

Maybe change is not actually a scary thing. It’s just unknown.

Embracing the ch-ch-ch-changes,


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