We have officially started Archer’s Kindergarten Adventure. And I only teared up once!

As Brad and I stood with the other parents, some first-timers like us, and listened to the principal speak, I felt the tears.

My baby is going to be five in a matter of weeks and will be starting school in a few short months.

I got it together and suppressed the urge to cry. It wasn’t even the first day yet. We were only at a Welcome to Kindergarten information night four months before school actually starts! If I lost it at that, I really don’t think there’d be much hope for me on the first day, at the first Christmas concert, or with his first major school accomplishment.

Okay, I’ll be real here. I’m screwed when it comes to the Christmas concert. It’s something that I’ve been looking forward to since we had Archer.

Just me?

No biggie.

We have enrolled Archer in our local school, but have chosen the Montessori program. His school also offers a neighbourhood program, but when we attended the information night back in January, we felt that the Montessori program will be a great fit for Archer.

He is so excited! The welcome night took us all around the school together and as soon as he was told to grab some chalk, bubbles or visit the sandbox, he zoomed off to play right away!

Since this is our first time with a kid in the school system, it was all new to me, including the Welcome to Kindergarten package from the Learning Partnership. They prepared a package of information and documents for the parents, as well as a goody bag for the kids. Archer got some new crayons, scissors, books and he was most excited for his very own glue stick!

Oh sweet Archer.

Kindergarten Welcome Package of Books and Supplies

Goodies to help prepare for school.

Welcome to Kindergarten Archer

Welcome to Kindergarten, Archer.

The school is really preparing both the parents and the kids for school. It’s great! We received a schedule for gradual entry, which is great for a planner like me. And they included a booklet with pictures of the teachers, principal and different areas of the school. I feel really confident that our transition is going to go pretty well. We're all really excited for Archer's Kindergarten adventure and I cannot believe I am going to have a kid in school.

Feelin’ old over here,


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