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Brown Townhome with Carport and Greenery
Stairs in Front of Home with Greenery

We knew the area in Port Moody where we wanted to live long before we bought our home here.

The neighbourhood is called Easthill. It is a great community of townhomes located just of the Barnet Highway that takes you into Burnaby from Port Moody.

At the time we were ready to purchase our home, choosing a place in the tri-cities made the most sense for us. I didn’t really want to move further away from Vancouver as I was working in West Van at the time and already had a 30+ minute commute. Brad went (and still does go) in the opposite direction for work, so we ended up in Port Moody, a lovely little city surrounding the Burrard Inlet.

It’s kind of fitting that we are living in the City of the Arts since I am pursuing my passion in writing! Let the ocean breeze and feel of the inlet be my inspiration. We kind of fell into living here, we didn’t set out to become Port Moody residents when we moved back to the Lower Mainland together, it just happened. Our townhouse complex and Port Moody itself are beautiful communities for us to raise our kids.

It will be five years at the end of next month since we got the keys to our place. It really feels like we’ve blinked and the time has passed. Our baby is going into kindergarten in September!!

Which raises the questions: Montessori? Reggio Emilia? Standard (or “Neighbourhood”) school? So. Many. Options.

Not only that, but the programs of choice (Montessori and Reggio) have to be applied to – we cannot simply choose to send Archer there. It’s a gamble! We went to the available information sessions and chatted to some of the neighbourhood moms before deciding to apply Archer to the Montessori program at the school in our catchment.

Cross your fingers for us! The Montessori approach to learning seems really geared towards how each individual child learns and we think it will be a great approach for Archer. I’m sure all parents love the idea of their child being able to make the choice about what to learn and we are no different.

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

I’m not too worried about Archer entering school; I think there are a few things we have to conquer before September (like his fear of loud things, such as toilets flushing and air hand dryers) but I have a feeling he will grow when he gets settled at school and I can’t wait to watch and help him start to navigate the outside world.

Regardless, eight more months until we have a kindergartner! Excuse me while I go cry into my tea…

Stay young at heart,



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