It may be the close proximity of the launch of my book to Mother’s Day this year, but I am feeling more emotional than usual as Sunday approaches. In my emotional state, I came up with the brilliant idea to write Mother's Day letters to my kids. I don’t ever want to take the days, moments or my relationships for granted.

I told Brad that I didn’t want to plan anything, but he has thankfully taken the day into his own hands! Smart man, that husband of mine.

Here we go!

Mom snuggling Sons in pajamas

Dear Archer,

My first born. The one that made me a mom.

We are only weeks away from your fifth birthday. It’s true. The time really does fly.

I’ve been learning to be a parent with every moment that you learn to grow as a kid. Lately it’s been tough, seeing how the outside world affects you. Your heart is so kind and so big. Having to teach you that not everyone wants to be your friend or will be kind to you at all times breaks my heart.

It also makes me want to throw things at the kids that swear at you or hurt your feelings. For obvious reasons, I won’t do that. I can’t fight your battles for you. And throwing isn’t allowed, I know.

We’re learning it all together. I hope you know that I am always here for you.

Parents Holding Baby at Rocky Point

A New Family of Three

You are so much like me in wearing your emotions on your sleeve. I honour that in you and I hope that whatever comes your way, your spirit never disappears.

You challenge me almost as frequently as you make me proud. Every day. With every letter that you learn and question that you ask. I am so very proud of you!

A few last words of advice for you, buddy:

Always pick the flowers for the ones you love. Show them that you care.

Keep taking pictures. Even when you have to steal mine or dad’s phone and only end up taking pictures of your crying brother or your toys.

Stay true to yourself. Forever and for always.

Smile. Cry. Laugh. Be afraid. Conquer your fears. Do it all and don’t shy away from any feelings that you have along the way.

Now, stop growing. At this rate, you’re going to be taller than me by the time you hit first grade.

Love you always,


Dear Maverick,

My darling second-born.

Not a single thing you do is comparable to your brother.

You keep us on our toes at every turn.

We’re going to have to get a leash for you, I swear. For your own safety as well as our sanity. (At least they're cute.)

When I look at you, I see so much of myself. In your eyes and the shape your entire face takes when you smile. Your machine-gun laugh is my absolute favourite. Especially when it’s your brother that makes you laugh.

Seeing how little you are but how much you understand blows my mind. You don’t speak too many words yet, but your sign-language (thanks day care!) is on point. Now, if only you would learn to say “mama” instead of yelling at me to get my attention. I honestly just tune it out sometimes!

I hope that you don’t suffer from “second-child syndrome” too much. It’s inevitable, but not intentional. I hope you know that.

Your dad and I will always be here for you, just as we will for your brother. I can’t wait to see you grow into the fierce person that I already know you are.

Embrace who Maverick is. Who you will become and who you have been.

Not that I expect you to take responsibility for us having to have a baby gate around the entertainment stand or duct tape on the furnace vents or anything.

I just want you to own yourself. Accept you for who you are. Same goes for us.

We’re doing our best and that’s all we expect from you, too.

We love you big time, sweet Maverick.

Stay at least a little bit crazy.

Love you,


Mother's Day letters to my kids wouldn't mean anything without recognizing the ones that brought me and Brad life.

To my mama and my mother-in-law, I hope you both have wonderful days, celebrating by doing what you love most. I know we won’t be together, but I hope you do the things that make you happiest. And that you enjoy your shiny presents.



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