The hike that lead to this picture inspired a very pivotal scene in "Letters to the Mountain."

I think this is going to be the last book update before I actually hold a physical copy of my very first book in my hands!

If you subscribe to my newsletter (which you can do here if you haven’t already), you will have received my latest email this week. In it, I shared that I can now say that as of next month, I will be a published author!! As far as a book update goes, that means that I have finalized my manuscript and it has been sent to the printers!

There’s no going back now!

Kidding. I’m long past the point of no return!

What it also means is that the cover is chosen, the launch party prep is well under way and I should have a proof copy of my book in my hands within a week! Once that is approved, the book will be printed and sent to me (since I am self-publishing) for distribution.

There’s a whole aspect to it that I have yet to learn, marketing and how to get my book on shelves, etc. and we are also launching on Amazon in the weeks following the soft launch on May 15. You will be able to purchase it from me, or order a paperback copy or e-book on Amazon.

And there’s one more avenue that Brad and I are exploring for releasing my book …

I’m going to record my own audiobook!

Obviously, Brad is going to take care of all of the technical parts, including ordering the proper equipment and determining which software to use.  It’s yet another new adventure that I’m really excited to explore!

Now to get used to the sound of my own voice!

Also in my newsletter, I announced that Brad and the kids and I will be driving up to Prince George for a book launch party there on June 15. I’m planning a family friendly event, so stay tuned for more details if you’re up north!

I want to take a minute here to thank you for following along on my journey and supporting me in every step of my new adventures. I appreciate it so very much!

Excited for what’s to come,


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