View from the 9th Hole at Westwood Plateau Golf Course

This past weekend, I participated in the Second Annual Golf Tournament put on by Moms Gone Wild.

It was my second MGW event and it did not disappoint!

I signed up with my friend Ariana, who I also did the Trapeze with me back in March. We were a twosome in what turned out to be a team of three with our new friend Jill, whom we met for the first time at check in for the tournament.

We had pre-planned our outfits, and I am so glad that we did. All of the other teams went above and beyond dressing themselves and their golf carts up. There was a team of G.L.O.W. wrestlers, Ninja Moms, Super Moms, Mother Putters, Rosie the Riveter and a team dressed up as Guy Fieri (Drivers, Divots and Divas or some golf-related play on those words). It was definitely a Moms Gone Wild golf extravaganza!

Our team was the “Real Real Housewives” complete with bathrobes, scrunchies and items that relate to all of the other ‘hats’ we wear in our mom-jobs.

The Real Real Housewives at the Second Annual Moms Gone Wild Golf Tournament

The REAL Real Housewives

We bonded over our stories. The love for our children. Our break from real life. The amazing sponsor of the fourth hole … okay, it could’ve been the eleventh hole, honestly, but all I know is that we visited it three times and the sponsors were SO nice. Ariana and I already have plans to visit Cask & Keg Brewmasters in Maple Ridge and split a batch of the delicious small batch wine that we sampled (more than a few times).

I didn’t think we golfed that poorly, especially since Jill had never been, Ariana hadn’t used her clubs as long as she could remember and it’s definitely been at least 3 years since I’ve been out on the course. Alas, we were awarded the prize for the highest score (not a good thing, in case you’re not familiar with golf) – a free round of golf at the host course, Westwood Plateau!

I was also the lucky recipient of a bottle of Baileys, which I received for driving a marshmallow the furthest out of my team mates. It was a great day. Not only because of the prizes and the company, but the proceeds were being raised for Mental Health Awareness, one of the beautiful things that MGW stands for.

I have always believed that while our job as moms is exhausting, demanding and all-encompassing if we let it get that way, it is so important to remember the strong women we are deep down. We need to get out there and show our kids how to live their lives, leading by example. It’s healthy, important and 100% necessary if you ask me!

It makes me slightly sad to see that there are no current upcoming events with MGW. But you can bet I’ll have my eyes peeled for the next newsletter announcing new events!

Always a little wild,


Golfing Mama - Westwood Plateau Golf Course

I'd putt that.

Cask & Keg Maple Ridge Sponsor Sign at Golf Tournament

The Sponsor of My Favourite Hole!

The Real Real Housewives Meet Former Canuck Darcy Rota

Meeting former Canuck Darcy Rota.

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