My friend Gillian of Mom Camp Life, inspired me to think about something positive yesterday in the wake of her having to postpone Mom Camp. It got me thinking that there’s no time like the present to have something positive to focus on. So today, I’m bringing you a random list of things, stories and reminders to make you smile.

1. Our Overall Health

My answer to Gillian was that at least we all woke up (relatively) healthy this morning. I say relatively because we’re taking it pretty easy around here today. Maverick has a double eye infection and I’ve been battling a sore throat the last few days which is sadly turning into a cold. Ugh. But at least we are strong and typically healthy. That’s a very positive thing to focus on.

Not to mention, Mom Camp has been postponed, not simply cancelled. Mark it down in your calendar, November 6-8, 2020!

2. You Can Always Count on Laundry

There will always be laundry. Insert joke about how it breeds while we sleep or how I wish I was as rich with money as I am with clothes to wash. Laundry is just one of those constants.

Meme - Laundry and Wine

3. A Good Netflix Documentary

Brad and I finished watching The Pharmacist on Netflix last night. If you like documentaries, check this one out. It follows a father that starts out searching for his killer and finds himself seeking justice for those wrapped up in the opioid crisis in the New Orleans area in the early 2000s.  They re-use a lot of still images and video throughout the four-part series, but the story is one worth checking out!

4. Someone Else's Drama

Once upon a time, I confessed that The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures. I haven’t been making much time for tv-watching these days, other than with the family, but just because I didn’t watch Pilot Pete’s season that just ended this past Monday, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t up on all the drama. Even Fox News was reporting it? It truly must have been the most dramatic season ever.

5. Personal Accomplishments

I am still riding high after finishing the first draft of my first book in the Romi Series last week. An excerpt from my book was the topic of discussion at my workshop for school this past Tuesday, and I’m happy to report that the feedback I got was great! There was a lot of talk around Romi’s boyfriend, Adam, and I have been given so much to think about that I will put into practice after I am finished with my self-imposed Romi Break for at least the rest of March. I want to step away from that world for a bit so that I can pick it up again with fresh eyes and start re-writing and editing.

Okay, I did my part and came up with five things for today’s post. I challenge you to come up with something positive yourself and share it with me below. We could all benefit from hearing it. 🙂

Stay safe and as healthy as possible,


If you need me, I'll be right here.

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