I have been working on my Audiobook project for Letters to the Mountain for far longer than I anticipated. When I did a little sleuthing just now, I discovered that we saved the first version of the audiobook project on April 18, 2019. Very close to one year ago.

That date seems accurate, because I remember starting the recording when I was in limbo while the book was printed, before the launch. But oh man, did I have plans to finish the recording a very, very long time ago! First, I thought I’d be able to do it before the end of the summer. Then I realized just how good the recording equipment Brad insisted on purchasing was, meaning that I couldn’t do any recording when the gardeners were in our complex on Thursdays. The microphone picked up the weed whacker and lawn mowers in the background of my voice. So that day was out.

Author Recording Audiobook Project

Accurate Capture of my Feelings Right About Now ...

Perseverance is Stubbornness with a Purpose

- Josh Shipp

Setup for Recording Audiobook at Home

Then, there was a big update to the software on our lap top, which made Garage Band unusable for a time. November was my writing challenge, so anything other than writing went straight out the window. Once I completed my writing challenge, I was so close to finishing the first draft of Romi that all I wanted to do was write. And now, here we sit, 11 months after I initially started the project, picking it back up again.

Except yesterday, when I attempted to record, something was wrong. This is typical of me, I think it’s important for you to know. Technology hates me and loves Brad. Brad opened up the same recording programs and equipment that I had earlier in the day and it all magically just worked for him. Don’t ask how it happens, it’s the same with everything. My phone, iPad, the TV, Xbox and the computers. I’ve accepted it, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when things don’t like to work for me!

Here’s to hoping that today is different, same with tomorrow. Because I want to get this done and into the hands of my Executive Producer, the tech-wizard himself. Brad. Obviously.

Reading my book out loud, to myself technically, has been an interesting experience. Not only have I caught some typos (aahhhhhh typos in my published book …), and wondered why I wrote things a certain way, but as I near the end of the book, I remember how proud of myself I am. And why. I wrote a freaking book, saw it through to the end, and can hold all 377 pages of it in my hands. Forever. Maybe one day I’ll be comfortable enough to talk about the aftermath of writing such a personal book, but that time is not today. I have not regretted any of it for one minute (except maybe the typos), and am looking forward to being even more proud of myself when I finally finish recording and publish this dang audiobook project! Stay tuned for news of that, hopefully before the anniversary of Letters to the Mountain on May 15. I have a couple of other exciting things coming down the pipes for LTTM, so stick with me. I’m happy to have you. 🙂

I hope that you recognize something in yourself that you can be proud of today. Keeping with the theme of celebrating the little victories in last week’s blog, I’m positive that there’s something you’ve done today that you can be proud of.

Think on it,


Smiling Woman in Front of Recording Equipment

Still Smiling


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