Last week I had the pleasure of curling with Moms Gone Wild. I had been curling exactly one time previously, for a friend’s 30th birthday a few years ago. No one really taught me what I was doing, or the rules of the game that time, so I was happy to sign up and try again with my friend Ariana!

The event took place at the Golden Ears Winter Club. Ari and I donned some pretty fantastic “winter tires” or shoe-covers, for traction, and headed out onto the ice. We each chose a broom, were split into teams, and learned the ins and outs of the game. Well, the very basics of the game, let’s be real. We were only there for two hours.

Curling Rocks on Rink


It felt really good to be out of the house. I had a rough week leading up to it, who hasn’t these days, and was happy to chill out with some other mamas. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little lost lately. Not like my usual self. I don’t mean that in a negative way, just a balanced, “life has ups and downs” kind of way. Life can be frantic, especially when the kids are trading getting sick this time of year, and I’ve been lacking some solid girl time.

[Note: I just booked a girl’s night next Friday and have a movie night planned with some moms from school tonight, so I’m working on it!]

Just being out with some other moms, learning an activity together and having a good laugh was great food for my soul.

We were on the short sheets of ice at the back of the rink (is it called a rink?), which I was grateful for at first. But by the end of it, I was pretty confident that Ari would have kicked ass at hucking those rocks down the longer rinks. Girl has an arm! (Wow, I am throwing out a lot of other sports terminology … and I’m not entirely sure any of it fits with curling!) In the allotted time, after we learned a bit about the game and how to play it, our group played three ends, which finished in a 2-2 tie. How’s that for everyone just getting out to have a good time?

Ari and I sat and had a drink together after the event, of course. I was in no rush to get back home, though maybe. I should have been in a bit more of a rush to get back to the babysitter, with Brad at our strata AGM. But that’s what the babysitter is for, right? It was a great night for me, to catch up with my dear friend, find an ear to lean on that truly understands motherhood and the balancing act of a busy life. (Ari has three boys, her youngest two of which are the same ages as my two.) I am so grateful for the opportunities that MGW has brought me, to get together with my friends, meet some new ones, and try something new.

Moms Gone Wild Curling

Hurry, Hard!! 🙂

Woman Curling

Ari <3

Who knows, maybe next winter I’ll go curling with Moms Gone Wild, or join a league closer to home! Anything to get away from the rat race every once in awhile, no? I don't have any MGW events lined up, but it has almost been a year since my first MGW event and I'm game to try something crazy again!

The craziness of life has been enough for me to wish I was going back to Mom Camp: The Camp at the end of next month, but since I just went a few months ago, I settled for being a guest on the Mom Camp Around the Campfire Podcast instead. It was my first podcast appearance! Check it out if you have the chance. I hop on at around the 8 minute mark, and chat with Mom Camp founder Gillian for a few minutes about my experience at camp last November.

With last week’s event, tonight’s movie gathering and next week’s dinner date, I’m feeling the pull of the scales back to balance. Now if the kids would only figure it out and stop sharing their germs with each other! A mom can dream, right?

Always up to try something new,


Woman Smiling After Throwing Curling Rock

Happy Anya!

Curling Rocks in House on Rink

The House

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