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Here we are already, the May 2019 Family Update!

The May 2019 Family Update is a big one for us! I am in awe that it is the last day of May today. 31 days have passed, and we didn’t have a boring one!


The big standout for our family this month was our trip to Victoria.  We also had fun all around the lower mainland, from Mundy Park in Coquitlam to Bear Creek Park in Surrey. Exploring, adventuring and sharing many firsts together will hopefully set the tone for the summer have to come.

Toddler in Bath Tub in Clothes

Maverick was so excited for his bath that he climbed in fully dressed!

Dad Playing with Sons at Park

Playing at the park

Brothers Playing and Cuddling

Moments like this are the best

Boy in Stormtroopers Costume with Dad and Darth Vader

May the Fourth Celebrations



It’s still slightly surreal.

On May 15, I celebrated the launch of Letters to the Mountain. May 17 marked two years to the day since I saved the first version of my book. So much went into it and things have gone in a direction that I could have never seen coming. I am immensely proud of myself, and can see how far I have come as a person in those two years and beyond.

I also had a wonderful Mother’s Day with the kids and Brad. We took it easy, relaxed, had breakfast at one of our favourite local spots and played at the park. I felt so appreciated and really didn’t have to lift a finger all day. My fellow mamas out there will relate to what I refer to as the “Mother’s Day Hangover,” but I am happy to report that I didn’t feel like I had to play catch up, or even prepare the day before, too much in order to celebrate the day!

Earlier this week I attended an evening with other amazing, entrepreneurial moms through Vancouver Mom. I had heard of the organization a few years ago, and when came across their event, Leading Moms, I decided to attend. Being in a group of like-minded women and hearing the stories of a few of them, was heart-warming and inspirational. I was reassured that I will be the best version of a mom that I know how to be when I focus on me and prioritize my needs, too.

As far as my career goes, I’m still relatively unsure of what my future holds, but I continue to ride high off of the launch of my first book. Three book stores, two launch parties and one book signing … things are only going up from here!

Letters to the Mountain First Book Fair Display

The set up at my very first book fair

Screenshot of Movers and Shakers on Amazon

Letters to the Mountain topped the Amazon Movers and Shakers List!

Letters to the Mountain Mention in Local Paper

Letters to the Mountain and Anya Wyers Author mentioned in the Tri-City News


May brought the busy in Brad’s work life. Sense a theme?

He was my number one support through everything this month. Mother’s Day, the book launch and all of the emotional (and other) stuff I was going through. I couldn’t do it all without him! So a big thank you to Brad! I was thinking about dedicating a blog post to him some time, and including what I wrote to him in the acknowledgements of Letters to the Mountain. Would that be something you would be interested in reading?


My baby is turning 5 in only a few days! We had a Welcome to Kindergarten event in mid-May and to say that it went well would be a drastic understatement! Archer wanted to start school the very next day, and now, only two weeks later, has taken to saying that he hates day care because he wants to start school!

It has been a trying time with him, emotionally, but he’s still four and learning the ropes on this whole human thing. He tries our patience most days, but I’m happy to report that we had a pretty smooth morning, even though everyone was up way too early.

I am so proud of my (big) little boy. The world has such great things in store for you, Archer!


Speaking of (big) little boys, Mr. Maverick has been an unstoppable force! He is into absolutely everything, so much so that we bought him a leash! Okay, the politically correct term is the “Safety Harness Back Pack.” But let’s be real, it’s a leash. And it is one hundred percent necessary! This kid is no joke.

Now if we can just get him to stop sitting down when he’s wearing it. Though I guess that he’s not running off if he’s sitting down, so, problem solved?

Picture of Mom doing laundry taken by Son

Archer really likes taking pictures. Exhibit A: Me folding laundry

Toddler Eating Couch taken by Brother

Exhibit B: Maverick eating the couch

Preschooler Posing in Stormtrooper Costume

My awesome little Stormtrooper

All in all, we had a wonderful month. I’m excited to see what June has in store!

That’s it for the May 2019 Family Update,


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