Letters to the Mountain Book Display with Sign

Today, I’d like to share details about the Letters to the Mountain Cover and Launch Party.

I worked with a cover designer to create the cover of my book. When we met, I told her that I wanted something to pay tribute to the mountains, but not necessarily a picture of the mountains. She provided me with several options, but I loved the one I chose right off the bat.

Her explanation was as follows:

I became fascinated with contour mapping in my design exploration - they reference mountains and landscape (even geodes!) without being obvious. They form naturally beautiful patterns that easily lend themselves to gorgeous design.

[The concept I chose] also uses the contour mapping theme, but in an entirely different way. It is used as a subtle texture harbouring small handwritten phrases from the book when you look closely. The text is:

I wish you could see me now

The love that I carry

from you

is deep inside of me

I miss you

Small white circles dot the contour map and add a touch of sparkle and contrast.

She had taken what I asked of her and created a beautiful, unique and meaningful cover. We changed the fonts of the title and my name, but that was it! I’m so happy and will be forever grateful for Visual Laura Studios for her work designing the cover (and interior!) of my book.

Now, onto the launch party!

Letters to the Mountain Book Display with Sign

Prepping the book table.

Black Sugar Coffee Food Bar at Private Event


Letters to the Mountain Launch Party Celebration


Black Sugar Coffee Wine Bar at Private Event


Letters to the Mountain Books on Display

The Adventures of my Notebook, at the Book Table.

The launch party took place at a local coffee shop, Black Sugar Coffee House, where I hosted a small group of friends to celebrate the launch of my book.

We had some food, drinks and really great company. The support was endless and I felt so loved. My excitement buzzed but I allowed myself to open up and be vulnerable when it came to talking about the reason I chose my launch date and the meaning behind my cover. I chose to celebrate the launch of my book on May 15, as it was 9 years to the day since the last time I saw Rachael in person. It was a great day to commemorate my friend and my story.

I was nervous at first, but once I saw how many people came to support me, and after I had some wine, I felt myself relax and really embrace what we were there to celebrate. What I've accomplished. It was also almost two years to the date since I wrote the first draft of Letters to the Mountain, making the timing even more special.

Letters to the Mountain Author Speaking at Black Sugar Coffee

My speech. Not pictured: the tears (of love!).

Letters to the Mountain Author Signing Book

Signing my book!

Friends at Letters to the Mountain Launch Party

With my dear friends, Jaimie and Becky, who also helped read my book before publishing.

Letters to the Mountain Book Cover on Display

On display.

Letters to the Mountain Friend and Author with Book

Mandy and I. Her and I went back the farthest, to our Just Ladies Fitness Days in North Van circa 2006.

My heart embraced the signs from the universe. A surprise guest from my past, the positive energy in support and even the weather. As I finished my speech to my loved ones, the clouds released a heavy rain on the quiet, warm evening.

Tina pointed it out to me. She thought that it was a sign from Rachael. That she was there, and that she was proud of me.

I love this idea so much and agree with her completely.

We live on in each other, dear friend.

You were present when I designed my cover and launch party. And, of course, in my heart.

I will carry you there always,


Letters to the Mountain Author with Friend

Me and my friend Tina.

Letters to the Mountain Book Launch Party Author with Husband and Friend

Brad and Tina. My people.

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