One of Our Engagement Photos by Richard Giordano Photography (2012)

Happy birthday to me! For my birthday this year, I have made a list of 35 things for my 35th birthday.

I am also treating myself to a pedicure this morning. Do yourself a favour and check out Wildflower Beauty Bar the next time you’re in Port Moody. It’s heavenly!

Birthday Girl wearing I Heart Paris Shirt

My 26th Birthday (2010)

This is the first time that my birthday has approached with a little hiccup. I cannot believe that I am turning 35 (see #28). No more early thirties. I am almost four decades old!

Instead of worrying about it (those wrinkles don’t need any encouragement!), I decided to find 35 things for my 35th birthday that I have learned and learned to love about myself.

Here goes!


My hair - it’s been a love/hate relationship but especially over this last year I have embraced and learned to love my curls. Learning to manage them was a big game changer!


I like my French toast a little* soggy in the middle.

*just a tiny bit


I actually enjoy a glass of white wine every once in a while. 


I’m proud of the mom that I am. I’m far from perfect, but I try my best every day to raise amazing humans. 


I will never give up. 

Young Couple Laying in Grass - Northern Pixel Photography

Photo by Northern Pixel Photography (2010)

Sometimes I have opinions that differ from everyone else’s. I’ve learned to take the time to consider everyone else’s views, but embrace being true to myself. 


I dislike it when other people assume and/or tell me how I’m feeling. And that’s an understatement (just ask Brad).


Taking care of myself is a priority. And I'm the only one that is going to make sure of that.


There are countless places in the world that I want to visit and revisit. With my love and with my kids.


I love writing.


Young Friends Smiling

With my dear friend, Tara (2007)


Having a family is actually really fun! I never thought I’d find my person, get married or have kids.


I am a fair-weather camper. If I can choose, I’d rather not be camping in the rain or cold.


I don’t like perfume. I think it’s rude. (See #6.) Same goes for smoking.


I choose to view my regrets as life lessons and like to think that I have learned a lot of lessons instead of carrying a lot of regrets.


I love almost all types of music and will listen to pretty much anything, as long as they don’t scream too much.

Young Woman Posing while Driving Boat

I'm on a boat! (2007)

I want to live abroad, probably when we retire, for an extended period of time. Likely in Europe.


My favourite food is … just kidding. There are seriously way too many things (mostly unhealthy) to choose from. Pasta. Candy. Bacon. Chocolate. Oreos. Fried Rice. Ice Cream. 


My favourite colour is blue. It has been for as long as I can remember.


I am excited to be involved at Archer’s school when he starts kindergarten in September.


I am a coffee drinker. And a tea lover. I love them both equally!


Young Couple at Irish Pub

Cheers in Ireland (2010)


I am most proud of myself for having written my book and followed through on publishing it on my own.


I will always miss Rachael.


I’m an Apple person. iPhone. iPad. iHome. iLoveItAll.


I love to cook, but not when I’m in a rush. If I’m in a hurry, I’d rather scramble some eggs and call it dinner.


I scramble eggs and call it dinner more often than I should probably admit. At least once a week!

Young Couple in Front of Christmas Tree

Our First Christmas Together (2009)

I do not make separate meals for my kids and it’s really hard sometimes not to give in. But I don’t run a restaurant and I think my kids will be better off for it in the long run.


I have two favourite animals. Dogs and Giraffes. Which probably explains why I want to get a Great Dane one day … they’re pretty much a cross between the two. Minus the long neck.


This is the first birthday that has intimidated me. Thirty-Five. Next big stop, 40.


I think everyone should talk to a counsellor/therapist/psychologist every once in awhile.


I love the outdoors. The sounds, smells and feeling of being outside and enjoying our earth.


Young Family

Hey, Maverick! Look this way! (2019)


The lower mainland of BC is where I’m meant to be. I will likely never move back to my hometown of Prince George.


My favourite TV show was Alias. Jennifer Garner is my hero. A close second is the Bob Barker era of the Price is Right.


I love to sing along. I think I’m a good singer, but I’m probably just good enough not to hurt people’s ears when they hear me.


I still don’t know what exactly I want to be/do when I grow up.


I love myself for who I am.

There you have it! 35 things for my 35th birthday. Which actually took a lot of thought!

Have a birthday drink for me and send positive thoughts to my wrinkles,


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