I have had a lot of fun with my Cricut making Valentines this year!

I started my Love-Day crafts a while ago and finally hung up the banner I made a couple of days ago. It’s not what I set out to make initially—I was going to redo that project after it turned out a bit smaller and I messed up the glue, but I never got around to it. And even though we’re not allowed to send Valentines to school this year, I did send a couple with Maverick and made a few with the kids for their close friends and our beloved babysitter, whom we all miss very much.

Can you tell I need a break? A break with Brad!

First up, the first banner I made from scratch using my Cricut.

Valentines Conversation Heart Banner Part 1
Valentines Conversation Heart Banner Part 2
Valentines Conversation Heart Banner Part 3
Valentines Conversation Heart Banner

Conversation Heart Banner

This banner started out a lot more complex than it ended up. But I must say, I am proud of the final product! There are a couple of small mistakes, but I think the messages are great.

So cute. I’m Yours. Love You. Heart. Call Me.

I just couldn’t bring myself to use “UR Cute” or the other sentiments you find on traditional conversation hearts. But that’s just me!

Seems I have a thing for conversation hearts lately after I attempted these cookies last year.

Cricut Design Space Dinosaur Valentines

Maverick helped me choose this one for his friends. It was a bit more work than I anticipated—even more than Archer’s choice in Valentines, probably because he can’t help as much as Archer can—but it was worth it. They turned out cute!

I had the idea to put a colouring sheet on the inside, with the hope that Maverick would colour them in. There are still four left to give out on Sunday that remain uncoloured … so if he refuses to colour them, then I guess it’ll be a nice colouring surprise for the recipients!

[I wouldn’t be surprised if he refuses … we’re in a big NO phase with him right now. Send help.]

Dinosaur Valentine

Pokemon Pokeball Valentines

The Valentines that Archer put together, coloured and addressed are so sweet! They’re supposed to hold candies, but we opted for a cut out Pokemon character instead. He did all of the writing and gluing, the Cricut did the rest. I had a really nice time sitting down with him to put the cards together and look forward to a future of crafts with hopefully both of my kids. Thanks to Designs by Miss Mandee for the files to create this one!

Sending Happy Valentine’s Day wishes to you all this weekend! Love in all forms is what makes the world go ‘round.

Happiness and Love,


Pokeball Valentines with Heart


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