This Time Last Year ...

I got a message from a close friend yesterday, reminding me of where we were this time last year. We had gone for pedicures with our very pregnant friend—who now has an almost one-year-old that we’ve only met a handful of times—and then for lunch.

I had most definitely taken it for granted that we would see each other again soon, to meet the new baby and have some wine and laughs together. And the only time we’ve been able to do that is over video chat or outdoor visit, back when we were able to have a bubble and Brad and I left our kids with the babysitter.

Oh, how I miss those times.

It’s unbelievable that it’s almost been a year since the kids never went back to school after spring break, since I became responsible for the teaching and managing the kids full-time. And yet it seems like a lifetime ago all at the same time. The kids are back at school, but things remain different, restrictions are still in place.

I feel better about the situation now that we have hope, an end potentially in sight, but am feeling pensive about this time last year …

We were weeks into a fresh start in 2020, aware of a virus spreading fast across the world.

There was no one telling us what to do, how to act, not to hug our friends.

It felt free, as free as life ever had been, I was writing 4/5 days of the week while Archer was in school and Maverick was at day care, savouring the fifth day spending time with my two-year-old, something I never got with Archer because I was working full time.

The pandemic certainly taught me a few things and reinforced the idea that I am not meant to be a stay-at-home mom, that parenting is hard but nothing is impossible. It truly takes a village to raise your children, and I miss my village. I think the kids need a break from us as much as we need a break from them.

I think that by reflecting on the past, we can have hope for the future, and perhaps imagine what life will be like once we are again allowed to socialize and hug and share a meal together under the same roof.

Shadows on Pavement of Woman Walking Dog

Shadows are both a blocking of light and an existence in the dark.

And don’t forget travelling!

We were supposed to be in Mexico right now … likely hungover after our friends’ wedding, which was set for yesterday.

The future still holds all of these things for us. Sure, the kids will be older—and so will we … I can’t believe I’m turning 37 this year—but there are adventures waiting, memories to be made.

And a freaking vaccination, waiting in the wings, making its way to those that need it most right now.

This time next year …

I can’t wait.

Now, I’m off to google camping reservations and look for an Air BNB, just in case we want to go somewhere this summer.

Do something nice for yourself today,


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