January 2021

Not only is this the first family update this year, but it feels like the first one in a really long time!

It’s funny how time passes lately. So fast and so slow all at the same time. I can’t believe that it’s almost been a year since we were ordered to stay home, but I also can’t believe it hasn’t been a hundred years seeing how much the kids have grown and the length of the days rolling into one another.

So much has changed in the last year, but so much has stayed the same, too. Let’s dive into the recap.

Eddie has the strongest nap game in the house.


I was surprised to find that when I went to look at my pictures taken over the last month, there weren’t that many that I wanted to share today. Which is weird for me and made me wonder whether we are doing enough with the kids when we have the time. But then I remembered my promise to myself to be more present, enjoy the moments and not necessarily even bring my phone with me when we go on family outings and have quality time with each other.

Apparently I’m doing a good job.

There isn’t too much new with us, same old same, really. Other than the new number at the end of the year, we’re all just plugging away—with a few exceptions for the kids, below.


I can’t wait til Maverick’s update to share the news: I have time to myself during the week again! Maverick started preschool at the beginning of the month. It just got to a point in December that I couldn’t take not having any time to myself any more. Maverick quit his naps in November and while I am grateful for the time I have with him, I knew that for my well-being, I needed to find him something to do out of our house. More details on his preschool below, but the biggest thing for me in this is that I get almost 4 hours twice a week to write. It was just getting to be too much for our family; we are all happier having our own personal time and adventures.

I have taken good advantage of my time and finished writing my third novel! Find the details about that project here—they’re small, I haven’t shared too much about my story just yet, other than a quick description. It has been an exciting endeavor that I am looking forward to sharing one day soon. But first, Romi. The next steps for her are to polish the manuscript using the last sets of feedback I am getting, and then start to try and get her published. I am so excited for this undertaking and plan on taking you along on the journey, too. So stay tuned for that!


Brad, Brad, Brad. Where do we start with him? We have both been inspired this year to start getting our butts in gear, literally. Brad has been working out using the Apple Fitness workouts as well as running, like me, off and on when the weather and the kids permit. I am so proud of him, he has definitely gotten me inspired to workout on days where I don’t feel like it at all.

Way to go Brad! Not only are we both benefitting in the long run from healthier habits, but I am proud of the example we are setting for the kids.


Archer is back in skating lessons and I just got a really lovely email from his teacher yesterday about how much he is growing in class since the winter break. He has been clear about his personal boundaries with other students and open to making new friends—mostly girls! There really is nothing that anyone can say or do to prepare you for parenthood, and that includes how happy it can make you to receive such glowing reviews about your kids. My mama heart swelled, I am so proud of him!


Maverick and pre-school are meant to be! We found a place in Port Moody that just opened their pre-school. He was actually the only kid there for the first two weeks! The great thing is how excited he was to go! He ran right in the first day and hugged the teacher and has been excited to go every single day. I think a big part of his excitement is that he loves being able to get ready for school with his brother. The way he looks up to Archer is so adorable, even though Archer finds it annoying sometimes.

Aside from pre-school, Maverick is growing like crazy. It seems like he’s catching up to Archer in height, he is able to communicate his wants and needs, and his stubbornness and independent ways are at an all time high. He’s very adamant that he is a big boy—not a kid, or a baby, even though he’ll always be mine.

Speaking of always being mine, Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’ll be a different one for the kids this year, and just when I have my fancy new Cricut to make fun Valentine’s for Archer’s class, we have been asked not to exchange or bring anything to school. I guess there's always next year for crafts and maybe even a romantic date, without the entire family. 🙂

Next on my list of projects is a banner for Valentine’s Day, which I am excited to create and make all by myself (without using a template this time). And maybe some other decorations ... depending on how much time I make for crafting in the next couple of weeks.

Hope you’re all well and that you’re settling into the first month of the year.

See you in February,


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