Do you shop local?

In our efforts to do better for the environment—see my first post about it here—we have also been trying to shop closer to home. We go to the Port Moody or Coquitlam Farmer’s Markets when the weather permits and choose local produce wherever possible if we cannot make it there. There have been a couple of local butcher shops in Port Moody that we go to when we want a fresh cut of meat. Not often, as we haven’t been too big into eating meat lately, trying to cut down on our environmental footprint by eating more veg meals!

Today, I am specifically going to tell you about a lovely little local business, Sola Skincare.

I first heard of Sola through a neighbour of ours, who raved about their Balancing Face Oil. Back when I didn’t know better, I didn’t think that a face oil would be good for me. I have pretty happy skin most of the time, but wouldn’t adding oil just make my skin too oily?

Turns out … no! I have been using Sola’s Renew Face Oil combined with their Rose Hydrosol daily since the start of the year. I am thrilled with how my skin feels when I put the products on my face and afterwards. It also makes me so happy to be able to pick up local orders and support a small business such as Sola.

I need more of the toner—Rose Hydrosol—and saw that they were offering Mystery Bags.

From their website:

When you order a Sola Skincare Mystery Bag, you'll receive 4-6 Sola Skincare items with a total combined value of $100+, and a fabulous cloth Sola carry bag to tote your goods around with you.

Sola Skincare Mystery Bag - Unopened

To be honest, I went back and forth on whether or not to get one. I only really needed the hydrosol. But after seeing the stock dwindle, and catching a glimpse of a sample mystery bag on Sola’s Instagram, I jumped before they sold out and ordered myself one.

I picked it up yesterday and am super excited at what I got!

First up, the Hydrosol that I suggested for my bag in the comments section. This has got to be the absolute BEST thing about dealing with local shops. They are real people that live around the corner and are doing their beautiful thing to serve the community and sell their products.

The second item I got is new to the product lineup, and very fitting to the times, hand sanitizer. I also got some relief balm for sore muscles, cleansing grains and, the one I’m most excited about, a facial gua sha board in rose quartz.

Sola Skincare Mystery Bag - Product Contents
Layout of Sola Skincare Products

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and self-acceptance. It symbolizes purity and promotes compassion.

This Mystery Bag could not be more perfect for me! I have been trying to bring more love and self-acceptance into my life and could always use a little more compassion! Not to mention, I have had this item used on me during the glorious facials that I get at another local business, Wildflower Beauty Bar, and have had my eye on one for quite some time!

Speaking of which, I am going for a long-overdue facial next weekend. And I can’t wait!

A few months ago, I also got a local Port Moody lady to make our reusable masks. It feels so good to embrace our community and see what we can all do for each other. I’m so happy to be able to support these local boss-babes and not only see the perks of bringing local items into my home, but be able to see where they come from and how these small business and shops operate and what they bring into our community.

Do you have a favorite local shop?


Shop local girl,


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