This past Tuesday brought us a new season. How it came so fast, and where the time has gone, is truly beyond me. The leaves started to change what seemed like weeks ago, dropping everywhere, introducing fall whether we were ready for it or not!

There had been a few days that are sunnier and warmer than anticipated, and over all the rain hasn’t really set in here yet. I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about a few of the things that have been shifting around me, along with the new season, and bringing new life and inspiration.

F Scott Fitzgerald Quote on Chalkboard



I have mentioned before that I am a podcast listener. I have a few that I stand by, one of them being the Armchair Expert Podcast. Are any of you Armcherries, too?

This morning when I was surfing Instagram before getting out of bed—the kids are doing this glorious thing where they get up together and watch shows, which allows Brad and I to relax in bed a little longer on the weekends or pro-D days, like today—and I saw a post by the Armchair Expert Podcast. It alluded to Dax’s sobriety of seven days.

If you don’t know who Dax Shepherd is or have never heard of his podcast, I encourage you to check it out. Especially today’s episode, though it’s likely more meaningful because I am already a listener and a fan. His honesty, the structure of his questions and the rapport he quickly develops with his guests is so entertaining. I’m sure there’s an actor or musician that they have interviewed for everyone!

Back to today’s episode—Dax had been sober for sixteen years before recently having a relapse. Hearing him talk about what that looked like and listening to what his close friend and podcast co-host Monica experienced was very humbling.

Other favourite podcasts lately: The Papaya Podcast, Off the Vine and Crime Beat to keep things interesting!

Change of Wardrobe and a Closet Cleanout

It’s been on the back of my mind lately to do a purge of my closet. I know that I haven’t been wearing all of my clothes, not to mention I am sure that not all of them currently fit. So, the other day, I set Maverick up with the iPad in my bed while Archer was at school and went through every item of my clothing to determine what was worth keeping. I have a diaper box full of clothes that need a good home, and I will be adding it to the pile to donate to Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver once I have a chance to tackle Brad’s closet as well.

At the same time that I was purging clothes, I put away all of summer clothes and brought out the sweaters and long pants. Summer is my favourite season, I am a warm-weather gal, but I can’t say I’m mad about wearing cozy sweaters, scarves and boots again. They’re just so comfy! I am especially excited about the scarf and one-of-a-kind ling-sleeved shirt I got from the Fall Jilly Box and the approaching seasonal holidays.

Bunny in Grass Near Paved Path and Bushes

Spot the Bunny!

Starting New

I have been embracing what feels like a fresh start in various areas of my life lately. From changing over my wardrobe, to seeing friends in person, developing relationships, including mine with Brad and the kids, things seem to be starting anew with every leaf that changes colour, then drops. I’ve always appreciated fall on its own as a season, but I am finding that the universe is aligning in different ways, doing its own part to let me know that it’s all going to be okay.

I am typically a planner, I like to know what is ahead and appreciate having some sort of structure to my days.

Being able to know what is ahead, what the days will bring and what the new season and holidays will, especially given the time of year, isn’t possible this year. And I’ve been okay with the change, but have definitely worked to get here! It’s not realistic to be able to plan a trip to see family or have them come here, it’s just not worth the risk right now. Accepting that has been hard, but I’ve embraced my time home with Maverick and Archer’s return to school, Brad working from home and shifting my main role to stay-at-home mom. It’s hard, but it’s only temporary. I’m sure my love for planning is still in there somewhere, hopefully it won’t be too long before we’re able to embrace travel and plan to see friends and family again! I have a book to plan to query to agents and publishers, after all! And I need time to write and prepare it for that next big adventure. I can feel it coming soon!

I’m feeling so humbled today, happy for the new season and so grateful for my family’s health and safety. Hug your loved ones extra tight and pour yourself a drink later. It’s Friday!



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