Highlights from my last week in pictures.

Often, when I find that I have nothing pressing that I want to write about for the blog, I turn to my pictures.

I did that again today, having written a softer, more sentimental piece on Wednesday and wanting to lighten things up. Looking at the pictures taken on my phone over the last week, I was still stuck for a topic. There were so many little moments I’ve had, none that were speaking to me to write a longer piece.

So, we are doing a highlight reel of my week.

There are a couple of things that have to do with wine, a couple of outdoor adventures, some that have to do with Archer’s return to school and my staying home with Maverick.

First up, Archer started Grade 1.

This is a weird fricking time. It took a lot for my concerns to pass before agreeing to send Archer back to class. It just seems to be counterintuitive to what’s happening with the increase of Covid numbers in our province right now. Having kept our bubble pretty darn small to begin with, it was hard to expand our exposure. The number one reason that Archer is back in school is social. He needs that interaction, with his peers and his teacher. And for his instruction to not come from me!

Spade and Sparrows Wine Bottles - Pinot Noir (2) and Rose

Two of my recent pictures included bottles of wine.

Not typically surprising for me, however, I have not been drinking any! I’ve been trying to work out an inflammatory issue in my system by eliminating certain items from my diet. This includes dairy, corn, egg whites and both brewer’s and baker’s yeast. Two of my most favourite things—popcorn and red wine—gone (I am hopeful it will only be temporary). However, when Kaitlyn Bristowe’s wine Spade & Sparrows became available at my local liquor store, I nabbed a few bottles for the future. I cannot wait to try them! I tried her Cabernet Sauvignon last year at her live podcast, and I hear that this Pinot Noir is even better than that.

The second wine-related picture was during delivery to one of my closest friends, who was having a rough week. Wine makes everything better and while we were en route delivering a bottle, I noticed that it fit in the cup holder of our car. It was handy, but also a tad curious.

Car Cup Holders with Wine and Water Bottles
Large Black Dog Resting Under Dinner Table

This picture that I took of Eddie about sums him up these days. He has been a bit sad, since a few weeks ago he hurt his paws and has been sticking pretty close to home to avoid re-injury. We were having dinner out on our deck the other night and when I went inside, I caught him laying underneath the dining room table—somewhere he is not typically allowed to go—looking awfully morose. Now today, I noticed he has a welt and a bloody scratch on the inside of one of his legs, so it looks like he’ll have a couple more days inside because I have no idea where they came from.

Port Moody Forest Walking Trails Easthill

Finally, I spent a lot of beautiful time out in the woods this last week. This picture was taken on my walk last Friday in the woods near our house. Unfortunately, that was the day the smoke really set in and my lungs burned for days after my walk, which I took while Archer was at school for one hour.

That’s about all for today! I am curious whether I will regret this little ‘highlights from my last week in pictures’ when it comes time to write my Monthly Family Update, but I think there’s still much left to report. Especially given the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve been on this year.

Find a way to put some wine, outdoors and loved ones in your life this weekend!

Happy Friday,


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