Halfmoon Bay

Our Oceanfront Spot in Halfmoon Bay

I am so excited to share the details from our recent holiday in Halfmoon Bay!

Mostly because we went somewhere! It was our first trip this year and I think we all really benefitted from getting out of our house for a bit. We got up early last Friday morning to get in line to catch the ferry—a first for us, we were taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast of BC—which Maverick kept referring to as the “tooth fairy.” It took me awhile to figure out what he was talking about! I guess it was the only kind of ferry/fairy that he knew, since the tooth fairy recently started visiting his big brother.

It was quite the travel day for us, but the kids did pretty well, overall. We made our travel plans too late to reserve a spot on the ferry, but were able to get out of the car and grab some coffee and second breakfast while we waited. The kids played in the grass and burned a little energy. It’s definitely a different time to travel, but we donned our masks and checked out the ferry from the top deck once we were finally aboard. It’s a short, forty-minute ferry ride, thankfully.

When we made it to Gibsons, we were still early for our vacation rental check-in, so we grabbed lunch and found ourselves at Roberts Creek Pier accidentally. It’s funny how close everything was to the water, we were driving and all of a sudden found ourselves at this amazing spot by the ocean, the waves crashing on the rocks of the pier, the low-tide allowing us to explore the soft shores of the beach.

We made our travel reservations through VRBO, which is similar to Air BNB. Someone else had cancelled our spot at the Tidal Dance in Halfmoon Bay a few weeks before our trip, so we were able to score an oceanfront—with a bit of a hike down to the water—two-bedroom suite, which fit our little family really well. There were bunkbeds, which Archer was thrilled about sleeping on with his brother, and the suite was very well-built. It looked brand new! Maverick had a couple of firsts while we were there, he slept in a big kid bed and had big boy showers for the first time since there was no tub. Next up, big kid underwear—wish us luck! The bed and shower went over really well, so I’m hopeful that the potty training goes smoothly, too.

Dad and Kids on Floating Raft

Some of the highlights from our trip include:

Farm Ventures

The Saturday while we were on our holiday in Halfmoon Bay was Brad’s birthday. In the lead up to our trip, I asked the kids what they would like to do for Dad’s birthday and, surprisingly, Maverick said he wanted to visit some animals. I was able to find this farm and book us a private tour on Saturday morning. Maverick was not a fan of the birds—I do not blame him—at first, but definitely warmed up to some other animals by the end when he was able to hold a small, black guinea pig. We got to feed a llama, meet some donkeys and were followed around by as many fowl-creatures as you can imagine. There were turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, you name it! And they all wanted the grains and bread treats our kind host had with her for treats.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of my favourite part of our farm adventure, but Brad and I were able to hold a couple of tiny, three-day old baby bunnies! They were so small and soft, and nuzzled right into our cupped hands. Mine was apparently really comfortable; it peed on my hands shortly after snuggling in. That’s saying something if it was still my favourite! Though I guess I still like both my kids … haha.

Farm Ventures - Toddler Feeding Llama
Farm Ventures - Kid Feeding Pony
Kids Stand with Donkey Behind Fence
Man Holding Bunny Eating Kale
Kids Snuggling Guinea Pigs


The suite we were staying at graciously provided access to a canoe, round floatie, kayak and a stand-up paddle board. We were able to explore Secret Cove, with its lovely low-tide during the day that was great for driving the remote-control cars. And when the water came in, it was shallow enough for Archer to take out the kayak, which he loved way more than he did when we commandeered the canoe the day before.

Family Canoe Trip in Secret Cove - Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up - I Wasn't Turning Around

Kids on Chairs Practicing Rowing Paddles

Practicing with the Paddles Pre-Canoe,

Family Canoe Trip in Secret Cove - Selfies Are Hard

'Bout As Good of a Family Pic As One Can Get in a Canoe

Katherine Lake

The morning that we spent at Katherine Lake was everyone’s favourite time. We drove up to Garden Bay from Halfmoon Bay on the winding, tree-lined highway. It was gorgeous!

The following morning, when we left the suite for Gibsons and the ferry on our way home, Maverick kept asking to go back to the lake! He ran down the sandy beach and jumped in the warm, shallow water countless times. He loved wearing his floatation device and kept asking to “go swimming” with us. It was a great memory that I hope we can replicate summer after summer for the kids. The beach and experience at this small lake was like no other. We all had a blast.

Kids From Behind at Katherine Lake

We were having too much fun to take pictures.

I think the best part of our holiday was just the time we had together. Brad and I hardly turned on the tv, except to watch the hockey game—which is super weird to be doing in August, thanks Covid—and had some much-needed time together to chat and dream of our next big adventures. It was a much-needed break from work for Brad, and just from the repetitive days we’ve been having at home. I could still use a real break—I did most of the cooking and cleaning while we were away—but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get something in the works soon!

Here’s to hoping that we’ll return to the Sunshine Coast to create more memories next year.

Have you ever been on holiday in Halfmoon Bay? Or the Sunshine Coast? Send recommendations my way! I’d love to have them. Where have you travelled in the BC lower mainland that you just cannot get enough of?

Wishing the sunshine would come back now that we’re home,


Happy Husband and Wife at Waterfalls, Halfmoon Bay, BC
Dad and Son at Waterfalls, Halfmoon Bay, BC

Hike to Waterfalls Near Our House

Secret Cove - Open Book adn Feet Up


  • Hi. I’m glad you had such a lovely vacation! Sounds beautiful! We actually went to Gibsons and Sechelt a few years ago. It was nice, but not as nice as where you were ?.

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