Prioritizing myself has taken a back seat.

This comes as no surprise to anyone with children or obligations out of the house during this crazy, crazy time. We are limited in what we are able to do, there has been a reduction of our pastimes and hang-outs, and it’s hard even me to understand, never mind my kids!

A little while ago, I returned to my roots of reading romantic fiction (a la Nicholas Sparks) and my enthusiasm for writing after I finished Nights in Rodanthe—see my blog post about it here—was on fire. I sprung to action editing as I picked up a second Sparks book in a row. I wanted to be Just. Like. Him. (Still do, for the record.)

This, along with the fact that our babysitter is coming over for two hours twice a week during the day so that I can write, is all really, really great. But I’ve been overloaded on life (cooking, laundry, kids, all the day-to-day things) and have not been prioritizing myself.

Adirondak Chairs at Rice Lake Loop, North Vancouver

A Peaceful Spot Near Rice Lake, North Vancouver, BC

Yesterday, when the babysitter came for her two-hours to help us, I left the house! All by myself. I drove into North Vancouver and met with a dear friend of mine for a walk. Not to mention a half an hour each way in my car, alone, to listen to whatever I wanted? It was truly a dream. I even stopped for a quick reserve pick-up at the mall in West Van (Helloooooo tax-free shopping!).

I love my family and everything, I don’t think anyone would ever question that. But I needed the time away, so badly. I left the shore feeling like myself, and came home happy from the inside out. It felt natural, to be away from my house, to let Brad take care of the kids for a night. I mean, he does that when I have yoga on Mondays (which is either via Zoom or at the local park) and during my writing group meetings every second Tuesday (Writers That Friend Crew, weeeee!). But to not even be present in case of emergency, was so freeing! And to get outdoors, with an amazing friend, to walk and talk and take in the scenery. My soul had been craving the connection that I had neglected for far too long.

I already have another walk planned for next week. A little different, cause we’ve gotten out together before and usually meet after bedtime. But, still. Me time away from my house. Prioritizing myself before I become desperate for it.

I’m proud in advance.

So, tell me.

What have you been doing to prioritize yourself lately? What is your soul craving that you might not be making the time for?

Think about it …

And then go do it.

I think it’s safe to say there’s no way that you will regret it.

Remembering myself,


Rice Lake, North Vancouver, BC

Rice Lake, North Vancouver, BC

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