Today’s blog brings a post-Writer’s Studio update in my writing life and one exciting thing … shall we jump right in with the exciting part? Not that my writing group is not exciting. It’s just that myself and the other members of said group—the Writers That Friend Crew—are more likely to find it exciting.

Onto the news!

The Port Moody Public Library has created a list of highlighted authors whose books were introduced into their White Pines Local Author Collection this year, and Letters to the Mountain is one of the first six books being highlighted!

I was just thinking to myself that I should try and put a little more effort into Letters to the Mountain, I am its only form of promotion, after all. But then I remembered that I’ve been trying to live my life “should-free” and I took it back. Some of the best advice I received with respect to writing books is that the best publicity for your first book is your second. So get writing! I try to remind myself of that often, especially when I am in a bit of a slump. There is a lot of work that goes into the writing process, especially at this editing stage I am in right now. That extra reminder that I am writing for the greater good of my career is most often helpful enough to get me off of Instagram and back to adding (or deleting!) words on the page.

I have set aside time at least twice per week to specifically focus on Romi James, and I am proud to say I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my editing. There is still a long ways to go, and I’m not sure if I can meet my end-of-summer deadline for editing this draft, but I’m trying!

Letters to the Mountain (Square)

Back to the local news …

The library forwarded this link to us this morning, to let us know that our author bios were available on their website. Head on over to read about my writing inspiration! I will share the link on Facebook when they have that ready, too, and encourage you to share it on my behalf if you feel like sharing. Just don’t feel like you should. 😉

This is all part of the addition of my book into the White Pines Local Author Collection, so I knew it was coming. I'm still so excited to see my name and my book next to some wonderful neighbouring authors. Check it out if you get the chance!

Writers That Friend Crew

Within the last few months of our program with the Writer’s Studio Online, myself and my fellow writers decided that we would like to continue working together, workshopping each other’s writing, once the program was finished. We have officially named ourselves the Writers That Friend Crew—WTF Crew, Friend Crew or just the Crew—and have now met three times since the end of the program in June. We’ve only ever met online and came up with the name to reflect that we are writers that have become friends through our school experience and our shared love for writing. And each other’s writing! There are nine of us altogether, living everywhere across the world, from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Galiano Island, Quesnel, Montreal, Halifax, Kingston to Mumbai, India! The group is full of some amazing writers. I’m so happy that we are still working together and look forward to reading everyone’s books once they are published.

It’s my turn to submit some writing from Romi next week and I’m having some trouble deciding what to submit. There is a recent scene that I re-wrote based on feedback from my group at the beginning of this year that I’m really proud of. (But I actually submitted that to my mentor from school for a quick read-through … shhhhh.) The biggest part of my Romi project that needs help right now is bigger picture. I need to cut some length, and am looking at axing certain subplots in order to do that, and I’ve only slowly been able to write new content moving forward. It’s a good thing I have a week to decide and prepare a piece.

Anya Wyers Author Office Display

Current Office Display

The next time the Writers That Friend Crew meets, I will be away with our little family for our one and only summer vacation. I can’t wait to share with you the beautiful location and all about our trip while we’re away (follow me on Instagram if you don’t already!) and once we’re back here on the blog.

I hope for all of you that you’re able to have a peaceful break from the monotonous days we have upon us, and enjoy this summer. And the weather that we’re finally getting to reflect the season!

Sending sweet thoughts,


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