Something I could really use right now, is more positivity in my life.

Not too much. As too much positivity can be toxic—this is a great read if you haven’t heard the term “toxic positivity” before. I don’t need to hear that the grass is always greener on the other side, or that you’ve been through the same thing.

We’re all going through the same thing—a global pandemic encouraging us to physically distance ourselves from everyone outside our own home—but no two people are handling this strange, isolating, time the same.

When is Positivty Toxic

What I mean by saying that I want more positivity in my life is that I want to consciously recognize the things that make me happy, and then do them. Read them. Hear them. Be with them.

A few examples of what has made me happy today:

1. Our Garden

We have a small plot in the community garden that we’ve had for the last two years before this one. Last year wasn’t such a great harvest. I got a few cucumbers (WHAT!? I have the blackest thumb ever, so it must be an easy thing to do) and some kale, but that was about it. This year, I planted some more kale, carrots and beets and some wildflowers for the bees. With the help of my trusty sidekick, of course!

We’ve taken to visiting the garden, not only to see the little green shoots that are growing out of the ground, but to water and spend some time in a different area of our complex on our morning walk.

2. Fleetwood Mac

I mean, who doesn’t like Fleetwood Mac? There’s nothing like a little Stevie Nicks to turn my mood around. Favourite song?

Obviously there’s too many to choose from. But this one is always a front runner for me!

3. Colouring

What can I say? I’ve admitted it here, but I have always loved colouring. I find it therapeutic, and it’s a way I can exercise my creativity when the kids are around. The second that I try to pull out my laptop to do any form of writing, the kids are like vultures on top of me, trying to see what I’m doing and press all the buttons they can. (This is obviously more Maverick than Archer, but it’s really annoying.)

So, when I need a pick me up, I will always suggest some form of arts and crafts to do with the kids. And it will always end with me colouring after they’ve long left the table to go and play.

I’m more than okay with that.

4. Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles? I don’t go out of my way to play with them when the kids aren't around—unlike colouring—but we are big fans of the Gazillion Bubbles brand and recently got a couple of hand-operated bubble machines that the kids have been playing with on our deck. Summer cannot arrive fast enough for me, especially our adventures that we will be allowed to have at the local parks. I guess, technically, this one could simply be “playing outside,” but writing bubbles as the title was much more fun.

If you need me, I'll be right here.

5. Small Changes to Make Life Easier

This is a big one for me this week. I've started implementing small changes throughout my day that don't take long to do, but make the world of difference. Changes include:

  • EAT. I have been setting aside a bucket of snacks for each kid, with healthy snack backups in case they eat the rest of the moderately healthy food. It has done wonders for my sanity.
  • CHANGE. I have been changing my Apple Watch wrist strap after every work out and then again before bed so that I can have the sport band when working out in the mornings and the more breathable one throughout the day. It might seem obvious, but I was annoyed at having to change it before. Now I prefer the switch!
  • BREATHE. I use the Breathe App on my Apple Watch every morning before I get up. (We are Apple people, can you tell?) I set it for two minutes and take conscious breaths while I wake up and before I start my day.
  • WATER. On our morning walks, we have been heading to water the garden first thing. It makes sense to get it out of the way and ensures that we visit the garden and water it, too! There are little buds poking through the dirt, and I couldn't be more excited and proud of myself. Even my basil is growing form the basil seed paper I received from the Fulfill Shoppe.

It truly is the little things that count.

Tell me, what’s making you happy these days? Pick a little thing, or tell me the biggest most beautiful thing that is bringing you more positivity in this time of uncertainty.

Be happy,


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