I have been trying to focus on the little things around me that can make my day brighter, my smile just a little more authentic.

Flowers have helped. And the bits of sunshine we’ve seen peeking through the clouds, on and off this week so far. Time outside, breathing fresh air, pretending for a moment that we’re not tied to our home, our community, the walls of our house.

There have been a couple of not-so-great days this week. Though there hasn’t been too much out of the ordinary to drive me nuts. Eddie barks excessively at other dogs while we’re on our walks, the kids don’t listen, I say no approximately 100,000 times before noon and I repeat myself, repeat myself, repeat myself. Yet, still, no one listens.

I think it’s the monotony of the days, what day is it even, the rhythm all the same, expectation unknown, each day ending and starting the same. The middles, the same, one day bleeding into the next, pouring the same liquid into the same cup.


And over again.

Pink Bouquet with Lilies

But it’s Friday today.

Something that used to be so exciting. Which still is, at least a little, because it means that I have help during the days with the kids. And school tomorrow! Date night in tonight. We’re going to try our hands at baking some cinnamon buns, something that neither Brad or I have made before. Last week we ordered in Thai food and just had some drinks together after the kids went to bed. Following our quiet meal, we decided that it was most valuable for us to have that time together to share an uninterrupted meal. For tonight, that turned into also making dessert. Stay tuned on my Instagram for that!

It's the little things, like a date night in, that make me not only grateful for what we have when we're able to live life outside the house, but especially for what we have right here at home.

Most weekdays, when Maverick goes down for his nap, I help Archer do some school work and try to do a bit of writing and whatever work I can in the quiet. Today, instead of sitting at the table, Archer and I headed over to our garden plot to plant some seeds. In his Earth Day project earlier this week, Archer wrote in his journal that “I can help the earth by planting seeds,” so I thought it fitting that we tackle that task together today. I wrote a bit about planting food in our community garden plot on a post last week, if you have time to check it out.

This year, we planted some wildflowers, beets, carrots and kale. I wanted to keep it simple this year, after the cucumbers took everything over last year and the tomatoes decided they didn’t want to bloom. (This was likely my fault … I have the blackest thumb, though I do have high hopes to go with those thumbs this year!). I really wanted to plant some spinach this year but wasn’t able to find the seeds at the stores we were already at this week. Maybe next year.

Garden Plot After Winter

Winter Hibernation

Garden Plot After Planting

After Planting!

Have you ever tried your hands at gardening? Any tips for a small garden plot and an amateur gardener like myself? Please send them my way! I can use all the help I can get, no matter how small.

Keep sane with the little things.

Water and grow,


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