April 2020

Did April 2020 actually take place or did everybody else blink and miss it? I can't believe it's time for the April 2020 Family update already!

There’s a parenting saying that I hated from the moment I heard it. It’s most definitely true, but me and my opinions. For those of you that know me, you know.

The days are long but the years are short.

Reasons I hated this saying: Is this going to help me get through the next day? Hour? Minute? Especially now. But I will admit, it’s very true. It was likely earlier in my parenting career, before the 100 years that have occurred since the beginning of March 2020, that I didn’t like this phrase. I do get it now.

This month has flown by, it wasn’t until yesterday that I truly felt the Groundhog’s Day reference everyone else had been getting at. Let’s take a look back at what our month held, shall we?


When I sit down to write these recaps, I usually take a look at my calendar or my planner. Safe to say there’s not much in either, other than a few sad notes about how many days we’ve actually been home and towards the end of the month, notes about my new workouts.

As a family, we have obviously been spending a lot of time together. At home. It’s going okay, depending on the moment (see above comment about what can help me get through time. Any thoughts?). We’re cooking together more, taking more after-dinner walks and cherishing the time that we have together at breakfast. Not having a commute, or anywhere to be, is really noticeable.

Do you have thoughts on returning to a long commute or other daily routine?

Cherry Blossoms in Easthill

Neighbourhood 'Blossoms

Backyard Fun and Memories


I’m happily still working away at school, and I was able to write 12 new pages towards my Romi Series for submission to my workshop group. Other than my blogs, which I'm proud to say I’ve kept up with twice per week, I’ve not been able to write much. I am grateful that school was already online, having that familiarity to turn to has been very comforting to me. Something I can know and truly look forward to.

In the last week of April, the one we’re still in, I started a new program with Beach Body (see my earlier post about Barre Blend here … when I got sick last month, I never finished the program, though I’m sure I’ll return to it on and off over time). I’m grateful to be tackling it with a friend, it is no joke. Twenty minutes of hard, fast, body weight workout with a step. Thankfully, I’m not using a step.

Other than that, I’ve just been busy taking care of the munchkins. Refereeing, breaking up fights, whatever you want to call it. It’s been tough, but I’m taking it one day at a time.


This is the most I’ve seen Brad wear pajamas. HA. Sorry Brad! He’s downstairs for work by 9am, comfies on, every morning Monday to Friday. I am positive that we’re interrupting him a lot, between the running back and forth across the floors above his office (definitely just the kids) and the yelling and screeching that comes in waves (definitely me, too), I don’t know how he does it.

Cover of Archer's First Book

Archer Wrote His First Book <3

Eddie the Dog

Making Himself Comfy


Big news for Archer this month … he had his first—and second—visit from the tooth fairy! It had been a long time coming, his two lower, centre adult teeth were already growing in behind his baby teeth. Apparently, this is called shark teeth. I had never heard of it. He was very apprehensive while his teeth were wiggly, but he was confident and proud when working on that second tooth.

I must say, it’s exciting to start going through these small milestones with the kids. Seeing how happy the little things make him make me even happier. Archer and I are very similar in personality, which makes the home-learning difficult on most days. But we’re making it through with a lot of help from his lovely teacher. I think we’re all hoping that he’ll be physically back at the school when Grade 1 starts.


This kid is unreal.

He is everything that Archer wasn’t. He hardly sits still (sometimes if there’s anything Paw Patrol-related on the TV or iPad), he has drawn on the walls, stuck things in the electrical sockets, thrown a million toys and hits every member of this family, other than maybe the dog, many times every day.

It's lucky he’s cute.

At the same time, he is continuing to learn and grow like crazy. He is speaking in full sentences, telling us what he wants and how he feels. He even used a three-syllable word today—and correctly! His words were: “This is delicious!” of his afternoon snack, a mango/banana smoothie. [Using these mangoes from Thrifty's! We have the strawberries, too, and I just have to say how excited I am to be using the imperfect cuts of the fruit!]

Wish us luck with this little terror for the rest of the “at home all the time/no day care” phase of this virus.

Good Morning Mischeivous Maverick

This Sums Maverick Up Nicely - Taken This Morning
(He's at the Front Window, Kneeling on the Couch)

Here we are in May. Five months into the year, one month away from mine and Archer’s birthdays. What a world we’re living in, we’re all so thankful for all of the essential workers out there. You have our deepest gratitude. I can’t wait until we can see our friends, share meals and create new memories together. And get out with the Archer and Maverick, without glancing over our shoulders to make sure everyone is keeping their distance, including the kids.

Another month and the April 2020 Family Update is done.

See ya later April. It’s been one like no other.

Hope and health,


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