I signed up for early access the Beachbody Barre Blend program on January 15, 2020, and recently started the eight-week program. Near the end of last year, I tried a Barre class locally. I loved it. There was nothing about it that I didn’t love: the energy, sweat, stretches, music, and opportunity to channel my inner dancer were all right up my alley.

One thing, however, stood in my way …

The price!

Anyone that pays to get fit these days will tell you, it can get really expensive to join a workout facility. I’m talking close to $200 per month (EACH. MONTH.) to join a “craft” gym. You know the ones … boot camp specific, offers of an individual trainer or a specific program. Pay up!

Now, it should be said that I have paid for these types of places in the past. I think they can be great options for physical fitness. I’m just not in a position right now where a) I can really justify paying so much money to join a gym and b) it makes sense for me to work out away from home, or on someone else’s schedule. The classes I found at the local rec centre, for example, were at inconvenient times, though they were an inexpensive option.

Enter, Beachbody On Demand. It made so much more sense for me to invest the same amount of money as one month somewhere else, for a year-long membership for BOD workouts, which has a tonne of options for videos. I even found a yoga program I like for when I need an extra stretch! (And I'm picky when it comes to yoga.)

Barre Blend Daily Motivation Cards

The Daily Motivation Cards - I pulled this one during prep week

Barre Blend - I am well-rounded

I am well-rounded

When I went to Mom Camp: The Camp in November, I met a lovely, inspiring woman who is now my Beachbody coach, Jen. I had heard of Beachbody before, and when I ordered it, I started working out “with” my friend Becky (we keep each other motivated to work out at home, separately). Then the new year came and I decided to sign up for early access to Beachbody Barre Blend. I could have waited until June to start the program like everyone else, but I know that I love Barre and I love dancing for my workouts, so why wait?

I am now in the middle of my second week of Barre Blend and I am loving it. I find myself pointing my toes more in yoga, mindlessly doing plies and leg raises in the kitchen, and seriously channeling the inner ballerina that I have never really had! The best part? It's all in the comfort of my home, so I am dancing freely wearing only a sports bra, giving no effs! It has been fantastic for my confidence.

Another aspect of the Barre Blend program is the “I Am” Daily Motivation Cards. From the instructor, we are encouraged to “Pull a card each day to empower your goals with joy and commitment.” I have been tracking my goals in my planner (one of my many notebooks) and thought I would share the encouragements I have received over the first seven days of the Barre Blend program.

I am authentic: I live my truth and my genuine nature is valued.

I am balanced: I remain upright and steady in body and mind.

I am well-rounded: My skills and capabilities enrich my life and those around me.

I am extraordinary: I own my greatness and am so much more than ordinary.

I am aligned: My thoughts, words, and actions reflect my truth.

I am adventurous: I enjoy new experiences and am willing to take chances.

I only listed seven cards listed above – I pulled “well-rounded” twice. Apparently the universe thought I needed a bit of a reminder about my skills and capabilities last week! I am really enjoying this aspect of being at the barre and am excited to see the changes in my flexibility and dance skills by the end of the 60 days. I am already noticing small changes seven days in.

My favourite move so far is yoga-inspired, of course. I rocked the standing splits in yesterday’s Beachbody Barre Blend “Classic Full Body Blend” workout.

So, tell me. What’s your favourite work out at this moment and what do you love about it? Even if it's just a walk around the block when you get the chance, every little bit counts.

Stand tall,


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