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Photo by Ben Parker on Unsplash

With the start of the new year, I have chosen to set some new intentions over coming up with resolutions for myself.

Now, I recognize that I can do this at any time of year. I don’t need the calendar to turn to January 1 to start afresh. Nor do I need an excuse to make changes or start new habits. But I am choosing to take this start of the next decade and new year as a reason to reset and deepen my reflective thoughts, turning them to things I can aim for. Goals for myself and my future as Anya Wyers Author.

So I came up with the idea to set some intentions for myself.

It kind of started with the vision board I did with @momcamplife at the beginning of December. I felt positive and fuelled coming into the new year.

It’s also been over one year since I became a self-employed writer. Responsible to myself for my job. I’ll take a minute here to express how proud I am of myself and my choices that I have been making for my career. How things have changed, including the expectations that I set for myself and how I’ve handled those from others. My job may not be conventional, and it is certainly not happening overnight, but I am putting in the work to create my new being. I appreciate the support of those around me that see what I am doing. And I thank everyone that has been behind me 100% from a very humble place.

I'm following an unconventional path. Walk with me in support.

Woman in Hooded Winter Coat on Snowy Day

It had been awhile since I took a picture of myself.

Rolling with these thoughts, I have set my intentions. To write, to think and create. To express myself daily in a way that I haven’t before. I won’t kid myself that I can make the time to write every day. I don’t typically do well with daily “challenges” (which you’ll see here, from this time last year), but I know that about myself. So it’s not part of my intentions.

I kind of feel like taking the route of setting new intentions is more vague than setting specific resolutions as well. And I like the fluidity of that idea.  My number one intention is to follow my own creative path, wherever it may lead. (I’m talking all career wise here, I haven’t put too much thought into the personal stuff yet.)

I do have one thing that I have decided and could definitely call a resolution. There’s this terrible habit I had of plucking the grey hairs that were growing in the side of my head. I think that at 35 years old (36 this year!) I can accept the fact that I’m going grey. Not only have I resolved to stop pulling those wiry little buggers out, but I’m also choosing to let them grow in naturally. And I am going to own every single one of them. Lord knows that I’ve earned them through my kids!

Tell me below … do you set resolutions? Intentions? Whatever you might call them? I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing to start fresh. Every day is a new opportunity, after all.

Making positive steps forward,


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  • I don’t set resolutions, but I am trying to set some goals. Hopefully the sun run, joining a gym, and working on myself! ?

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