December 2019

Better late than never for the December 2019 Family Update?

I considered moving forward with the new year and not looking back to 2019, but in all honesty I am enjoying creating a little summary of our months. Plus, I can share a bit about what our holidays looked like, with our trip north to PG and everything that went on during such a busy month!


In what is usually such a busy time of year, I truly felt like we were able to take the month slow and appreciate the holidays for what they were. Until we left for the north, anyways. Brad and I took a night off to attend his work Christmas party, held at the River Rock Casino Resort again this year. The food was delicious, the company was great and the dancing was my favourite part! Brad’s work also hosts the kids at The Great Escape in Langley, where they get to have lunch, play and meet Santa. The littlest Wyers refused to sit on Santa’s lap, but there were no tears so I consider it a win!

Brad and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, and this year we actually went out for a nice dinner! We don’t usually celebrate away from home, but this year it was special to get away, just the two of us, for an intimate dinner at the Boathouse. We ended our evening, as we usually do, by dancing in the living room to our wedding song. ‘Til Mountains Crumble to the Sea, Brad. There will still be you and me.

Jingle the Elf on a Shelf - Hanging from Light Fixture

Our Elf on a Shelf, Jingle


The stand out for my month was not the holidays, but a visit that I had with a dear friend of mine that just happens to live most of the way across the world – Tara! She was visiting with her darling baby boy, Jack, from Ireland, and we were lucky enough this time to meet up for a Pint at the Parkside Brewery. Tara, her mom and I had a lovely visit where I was reminded just how special some friends can be, even if we don’t see or talk to each other often. I was saying to Tara that I have changed immensely as a person since we worked together ages ago, but that deep down I am still that person that is her friend. The change that I recognize in myself is so special, and I am very grateful to have had that time with Tara to chat about all the things. Maybe next time we will be able to meet up with the kids and spouses in Dublin!

One thing that can’t go without mentioning was my 100th blog post, which you can read here. I am so proud of myself and I can’t wait to see what I dream up this year as far as expanding my blog and building my resume as an author!

My December also saw special time with my closer friends, a baking day with Tina and lunch with Becky and Jaimie before we all went separate ways for the holidays. My best present last month was time. I will always treasure that gift the most.

Friends at the Parkside Brewery

At the Parkside Brewery with Tara

Kids watching Pizza Bake

Their Favourite Spot when Something is in the Oven



Brad had two whole weeks off last month! And while he does tend to check his emails so that he’s on top of things when he goes back, I’ve learned to accept this and understand that it’s less stressful for him, and in turn, me, too. We had lazy mornings together over the holidays, though maybe not so much while we were busy visiting in PG.

On our way north, Brad drove, as he usually does. We stopped in Williams Lake for the night to give us all a break on the way to Prince George. We went for a swim and had dinner at a nearby pub, including a much-needed double rum and egg nog. It was a great way to make the trip not just about getting to PG, but also making it a little more enjoyable.


I continue to be so proud of Archer! He got his first report card, which was great, and continues to shine in his social relationships at school. He is learning so much and expressing interest in learning even more about different things, it’s all very exciting. Archer has also been a great big brother, when he’s not bickering with Maverick, teaching him all about the holidays and Santa. We were talking this morning about all of the things that need to happen before our little Elf, Jingle, visits again, and I realized that Archer will start Grade 1 this year.

Does it ever get any easier, or less crazy as they grow?

Kids in Car on Road Trip

Set Up for the Road Trip

Dad and Toddler Son Holding Hands Walking in Snow

First Time Sledding for Maverick


Sadly, Maverick did not get away with a clean bill of health this month. What started as a cough on his last day of day care before the holidays turned into a chest infection and a trip to the walk-in clinic as soon as we got to PG. He rebounded quickly, after lots of snuggles and naps on mom, and was able to enjoy Santa’s visit and Jingle’s departure.

I continue to be fascinated with this little guy, the amount he is able to communicate using his words, and the things he can reach on the counters and tables. He is growing so fast and is officially 2! Let’s see how bad the terrible twos get this time around, shall we? I think I might need a drink or two.

Family of Four Goes Bowling

November was a happy month!

This past year was a big one for me. I realized some of my biggest dreams, and I’ve done so from an unapologetic, healthy and happy place. It took a lot of hard work and self-improvement to get here, and I’m happy to say that I’m never looking back! Good-bye to the decade that made me a wife, a mom and a published author—my three biggest accomplishments to date. (See more about this in my New Year’s Instagram Post.)

Now that we’ve welcomed the new decade, we’re also welcoming some new events into our lives. Archer is starting skating lessons (tomorrow!) and I have a couple of Moms Gone Wild events coming up that I am excited to share with you.

That's all for the December 2019 Family Update. Bring it on 2020!

Welcoming the new year with open arms (and a vision board!),


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