My 2020 Vision.

See what I did there? I’m always down for a good pun (though I’m sure this one is worn out).

My friend Gillian of Mom Camp (also Mom Camp: the Camp) hosted a Vision Board workshop last week.

Ever heard of a vision board?

I had, but even though I am a crafty person, I have never done one. Until now!

I took a different approach, of course. Gillian provided a Board Planner Worksheet (that I didn’t use) and while I started the course early in the week, I set it aside and finished it late Sunday night instead! To be honest, I’m really proud of myself that I went back and finished it at all. When I started it, I was home with Maverick, and the guide encouraged us to take time to ourselves, with no little munchkins around. It took me a few days, but I did it!

Screen Shot of Mom Camp VIsion Board Workshop Logo

I didn’t take pictures as I went along with my vision board (I still consider myself an amateur blogger–I didn’t realize I would be blogging about it!) so this one shot of the finished product will have to do. Let’s walk through my inspiration and thoughts behind each of the sections of my board.

First, I added items of colour that are special to me; not the objects themselves, necessarily, but their beauty and what they mean to me. This includes blueberries, flowers, limes, coffee, books and scenes of the beach and clouds.

These sayings that I chose are applicable to many different aspects of my life:

Take A Leap

Rising to the Occassion


Off-Road Capability

Clean Beauty

A Summer Holiday to Remember

Ready, Set, Refresh

Better Than Ever

New Releases

Smart Cookie

Anya Wyers Vision Board for 2020

Professionally, I want my next book to be on a “New Release” list. In the next year would be amazing. I have taken a leap as far as my career is concerned and I’ve never been happier. The plan is to keep moving in this direction, rise to the occasion and go for what is in front of me, especially what I can’t quite see yet.

I also want to focus on taking care of myself, hence the blueberries, “Body” and the outdoors, even if it is across the world. I want to get outside more, do more to be a better and healthier version of myself. Refresh who I am. My amazing self is in there and I want to focus on her more than ever. With a little glitter, feminine beauty and lipstick to polish my look. There are just so many meanings to my board–I love it!

Last, I included the phrase “A summer holiday to remember” because I really want our little family to take a holiday this year, just for us, just us four. For no other reason than to be together, away from it all. And thinking about vacations makes me happy. 🙂

I feel better than ever emotionally, and am proud of how far I have come to get here. I don’t ever want to forget that and now it’s going to be right in front of me to look at and consider every day. It was my first vision board, and while I’m critiquing it now, thinking I could have included more inspiration, I think it’s perfect for what it is. It’s me.

What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it.

- Oprah Winfrey

Vision Board and Inspiring Corner in Office

My Corner - I'm Coming For Ya 2020

Next up for me is the rest of a busy week, including a Giveaway on Friday, my 100th blog post! Then we’re off to the great (hopefully) white north for the holidays. Safe travels to anyone else hitting the road or skies out there.

And may this be your inspiration to push the boundaries of your comfort zone, even just a little.

Breathe in the days, next up is a whole new decade to explore.



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