Four Carved Pumpkins on a Step

From Left to Right: Batman Logo, Spooky Eyes, Spider and Iron Man Mask

Crafty Halloween time! I'm excited, but it was a lot of work!

I did it to myself. There was only a small bit of regret mid-costume-making.

That’s kind of just the way I craft.

Maverick has been obsessed with busses for months now. He has never really liked anything on his head, which made choosing his costume difficult. Of course, this is changing now as we get closer to Halloween. But oh well! It’s probably my last year with creative control over what he wears, so I thought why not make him something that he loves that doesn't involve anything on his face or head.

A bus!

Halloween Costume In Progress - Painting a Bus (1)

This used to be a diaper box!

Halloween Costume In Progress - Painting a Bus (2)

Getting to the details

Crafty Halloween

My Setup and the Wheels

He’ll be the bus driver, naturally, which called for a high-visibility vest. Amazon. $8 with shipping. Done!

I was excited about my crafty Halloween and started to make the bus ages ago, to give myself lots of time to procrastinate. When we took the picture of him in it for the blog, I had forgotten to add the last couple of details – the wheels and Bus Route on the front. There is a separate picture of those.

Basically, I cut part of the top off so that he would fit comfortably inside. I primed the box with white paint and then used leftover paint from Archer’s bedroom reno to finish the details. Along with a black paint pen and some acrylic paint I already had on hand, I used different pieces of cardboard from the box and some uber-fancy duct tape. The bus was complete! (Inspiration here.)

Toddler in a Home Made Bus Costume

The Bubba Bus - Bubba is Maverick's nickname

Homemade Halloween Costume - Bus

180 Moody Stn

Toddler Unhappy in a Homemade Bus Costume

Yes, I bribed him with Candy to get this Picture.

Archer’s costume was much easier. When we went to Playland with Brad’s work back in July, we won a small Black Panther stuffy that Archer loved right from the start. There was never a question as to what he wanted to be!

I ignored my usual apprehension at purchasing Halloween costumes in August and as soon as I saw a Black Panther costume at Costco, I swiped it up.

Last year we had a pretty solid family costume (we were the Incredibles). While I really wanted to do a combined costume again, I didn’t want to be Wonder Woman or Iron Man or any of the other Avengers. Maybe we can bring the family costumes back next year!

Kid in Black Panther Costume Holding Stuffed Black Panther

Black Panther holding his Black Panther Stuffy

Best Superhero Pose!

I love a crafty holiday, and this crafty Halloween was especially fun. If you read my last blog, you’ll remember that we have a yearly tradition of visiting Laity Pumpkin Patch. I’m happy to report that we made it on Sunday afternoon and our pumpkins are ready to go for tomorrow!

Now to just decide on my costume for tomorrow. I don’t like to be too crazy, but I want to dress up a little with the kids. And make Brad join me … I’m thinking to save my kitty cat ears for him! Stay tuned on my Instagram tomorrow to see how good of a sport I can get him to be!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Front Yard with Friendly Halloween Decorations

Our Front Yard

Doorstep with Uncarved Pumpkins and Fall Wreath


Laity Farm Pumpkin Patch Golden Hour

Golden Hour at Laity Farm Pumpkin Patch

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